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Jane's Products & Services
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Technical Support:

Jane’s Defence & Security News Modules (replaces Jane’s Defence Magazine Library (JDML))
Defence News Module:
• Defence Industry
• Defence Weekly
• International Defence Review
• Missiles and Rockets
• Navy International
Security News Module:
• Intelligence Weekly (replaced Foreign Report & Intelligence Digest)
• Intelligence Review
• Islamic Affairs Analyst
• Terrorism and Security Monitor
• Country Risk Daily Report
• Police Review
• Terrorism Watch Report
2010 CAUL pricing (29/9/09)
2010 AGREEMENT (Order Confirmation) (29/9/09)

Jane’s Defence Magazine Library Online (formerly Defence + Security Online Package, now Jane’s Defence & Security News Modules - see above).
-                      Defence Weekly
-                      Intelligence Review
-                      Intelligence Digest
-                      Islamic Affairs Analyst
-                      Foreign Report
-                      Terrorism and Security Monitor
-                      Navy International
-                      International Defence Review
-                      Defence Industry
-                      Jane's Missiles and Rockets
Offer to CAUL for 2009 (via IHS, 16/10/08)
AGREEMENT (Order Confirmation) (16/10/08)

Jane’s – CAUL Defence + Security ‘Online’ Package.
CAUL Pricing for 2008 (17/10/07)
Separate pricing for Jane's Intelligence Digest (17/10/07)
Pricing for 2007 (20/7/06)

A demonstration on how to use the Jane’s website and other online training tools, including how to personalise your email alert, can be viewed at:

Other Package Offers
Other special rates to Jane’s products can also be arranged, should a number of universities seek to subscribe to the same title, for example Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre – our premier Terrorism database.

Revised offer to CAUL (1/8/05, closes 25/8/05)

Jane's Package
Jane's Defence Industry 
Jane's Defence Weekly 
Jane's Foreign Report 
Jane's Intelligence Digest 
Jane's Intelligence Review 
Jane's International Defence Review 
Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst 
Jane's Missiles & Rockets 
Jane's Navy International 
Jane's Terrorism & Security Monitor 
Jane's standard License Agreement & Schedule A (which can be amended locally) (26/8/05)
DRAFT Database Online License Agreement (22/4/05)

Jane’s News and Analysis ‘Online’ Package - Offer to CAUL (21/7/05)

2005 Offer to CAUL - click on the image below (21/4/05)

Defence, Security and Transport Intelligence Package
Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Centre Package
* Minimum of  5 Institutes must subscribe to a given package qualify for the special rate

World Insurgency and Terrorism - handled directly by IHS since 2007.
offer to CAUL (25/9/06)
Sample entry (1/11/06)
Screen views and presentation (1/11/06)
Jane's World Insurgency and Terrorism profiles every significant terrorist, guerrilla and insurgency movement around the world. This database analyses terrorist tactics and methodology, assesses a group's capability to impact upon state security and details their internal command structures and inventories, so you can keep track of terrorist organisations globally. The portfolio of profiles for active groups has been deepened to provide a greater level of analysis and background. Entries for particularly active movements are updated on a quarterly basis, to inform your research, ensuring that any notable shifts in doctrine, leadership and capacity are captured.
In addition to the above, group profiles also address:
Political and religious affiliation
Front organisations
Rival movements
Sources of funding
Membership and support
Command structure

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