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Updated 10 September, 2009

NEWS 22/7/09: IOP Publishing (IOP) is pleased to introduce e-only subscriptions for 2010.   The new e-only option will allow customers to renew 2009 subscriptions to all IOP Publishing-owned titles in 2010 with no price increase.  E-only versions of IOP journal packages will also be available for the first time.

19/1/04:  Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP) has decided to cease the re-selling of bibliographic databases, provided since 1999 through our Axiom(r) service. We will continue to provide a full Axiom service to existing customers until February 28th, 2005.  .... we have arranged to collaborate with EBSCO Publishing to be able to offer our customers their EBSCOhost implementation of the Inspec(r) Database. Please be assured that your access to Axiom will continue to run unaffected until the end of your current subscription. If your subscription is due to end soon, we are also able to extend access for a reasonable time period.

Technical Contact/s:
Statistics (15/7/08)
Information on IOP IP-blocking (29/7/08)

IoP CAUL 2008 to 2010 consortial agreement (8/10/07, finalised 25/1/08)
Licence schedules I and II for 2009 (29/7/08)
IoP standard Consortium Licence Agreement (1998)
IoP archive licence agreement 2008 (6/9/08) In 2009 the IOP Journal Archive gives access to 18741998 content
IoP archive licence agreement 2007 (29/10/07)

IoP Electronic Journals
IOP Pricing Bulletin 2010 - includes AAS titles (24/8/09)
IoP Pricing and Ordering includes 2010 pricing information (22/7/09)

2010 Proposal  - IOP Publishing Ltd. (24/8/09)
2010 CAUL Licence Fees for IOP Journals and IOPscience (10/9/09)

Offer information for CAUL for 2009 (31/7/08, updated 6/8/08)
Institutional holdings and 2009 quote for CAUL (29/7/08, updated 13/2/09)
CAUL Title List for 2009 (13/2/09)
Offer to CAUL for 2008 (19/7/07)
Institutional holdings and 2008 quote (7/9/07)
Offer to CAUL for 2001 (3/10/00)

We are also pleased to offer all CAUL and CONZUL institutions, including those that are members of the current IOP - CAUL consortium, a free trial of our new IOPscience service.  The free IOPscience trial will last until the end of this year. Price information for IOPscience and other relevant details concerning this new service will be sent to you in a separate email. (29/7/08)
IOPscience 2010 offer to CAUL (24/8/09)
2010 CAUL Licence Fees for IOP Journals and IOPscience (10/9/09)

IOPscience 2009 offer to CAUL (6/8/08)
IOPscience 2009 pricing for CAUL (6/8/08)

American Astronomical Society journals.
The Astronomical Journal
The Astrophysical Journal (including The Astrophysical Journal Letters)
The Astrophysical Journal (including The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series & The Astrophysical Journal Letters)
AAS Pricing for 2010 (24/8/09)
American Astronomical Society journals titles 2008 (4/9/08)

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics
On 30 June 2005 Taylor & Francis acquired the IOP Publishing Books business. With this transaction, IOP Publishing transferred all rights to published and unpublished books to Taylor & Francis Group LLC, including electronic rights. This sale means that IOP Publishing will not be able to continue selling access to the Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (EAA).
Now published by IOP, formerly published by Nature Publishing Group. (18/3/05)
EAA Agreement (April, 2005)

Pricing and subscription information
Sample licence
Previous licence (under NPG 2002)

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