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NEWS (15/7/09) All Universities will have free trial access to Informit Health due for release in Q3 and a notification will be sent to you and the universities once this is available. I have spoken to most Australian universities about the transition of Meditext to the Informit Health Collection.

(, 1/8/07): To enhance end users searching of Informit databases upon renewal of subscriptions all universities accessing Informit Complete will have the index/bibliographic versions of APAIS, AMI, AGIS, AEI and Family removed from view.  This does not affect the full text versions of these databases APAFT (APAIS), Meditext (AMI), AGIS PT (AGIS), A+ Education (AEI), Family Plus (Family) or the subsets of these databases i.e. APAIS/HEALTH.  Please note we recommend that reference/links to the index versions of these databases on your library systems should be changed to that of the full text version i.e. change all APAIS links to APAFT.  The benefits of removing the view of these indexes are:
    *ensures that end users find full text when full text is available *no more confusion between index and full text databases i.e. APAIS and APAFT
    *no more duplication of records
Besides removing some links which a lot of universities have already done there is no down side.   We have enabled this for Universities on Informit Complete as they are accessing unrestricted users and do not require the index versions as back ups.  We do not recommend that universities on restricted users cease indexes access.

Technical Contact:
The Sales Executive Team responsible for Universities is as follows:
Australian Universities - Tina Argyros | 03 9925 8211 | email:
NZ Universities - Tim Clynes | 03 9925 8153 | email:

Content (see also Informit Media)
Informit Humanities & Social Science collection - titles list (17/7/09)
Informit Business collection - titles list  (17/7/09)
Informit Engineering collection - titles list  (17/7/09)
Australian Public Affairs Full Text - titles list  (17/7/09)
A+ Education - titles list   (17/7/09)

Informit Business Collection - titles list (22/7/08)
Australian Education Index - Journals List (10/6/04)

Informit Licence Agreements.
Informit Perpetual Access Licence Agreement (for use with the Meanjin Archive et al, 31/3/10)
INFORMIT PLUS Text Database Subscriber Terms (NZ educational institutions, government departments and Public Libraries) (28/2/06)
Informit e-Library User Licence Agreement (13/7/05)
Informit e-Library User Licence Agreement (2004) (13/1/05)
FAQs: Full Text Database User Licence
FAQs: Abstracting & Indexing Database User Licence

Meanjin Archive.
Meanjin Archiving pricing (17/11/09)

Pricing for CAUL.
2010 Pricing for CAUL and CONZUL - cover letter (15/7/09)
2010 Pricing for CAUL and CONZUL (15/7/09)
RMIT Publishing 2009 CAUL subscriptions- Informit Complete (16/7/08)
    Informit Complete - Gold, Silver or Bronze - includes Informit e-Library Humanities and Social Sciences Collection, Informit Plus Text databases (APAFT, AGIS Plus Text, A+Education, Meditext and Family Plus), Informit Indexes (eg. ARCH, CINCH, SAGE, etc.)
    Informit Media TVNews and/or RequestTV
    Informit e-Library Engineering Collection
    Informit e-Library Business Collection
RMIT Publishing 2007 - 2008 CAUL subscriptions (19/6/07)
1. Informit Complete packages (2005 - 2008 CAUL offer)

Informit e-Library
Informit Media TVNews
Informit Media RequestTV
Engineering Collection
Informit Plus Text APAFT, AGIS Plus Text, A+Education, Meditext and Family Plus
Informit Indexes 70+ index databases eg. ARCH, CINCH, SAGE, etc.
2. Plus Text packages (2002 CAUL offer)
List of current subscribers (9/8/06)
RMIT Publishing [Informit] 2006 - 2007 CAUL subscriptions [pricing] (20/6/06)
    1. Informit Complete Package
        Informit Complete Option 1
        Informit Complete Option 2 (e-Library 100)
    2. Plus Text Packages
        4 DATABASE Package
        3 DATABASE Package A
        3 DATABASE Package B
        2 DATABASE Package
        APAFT Standalone

Informit Complete Package 2005 (18/7/05) - prices valid to February 2006
CAUL Pricing Matrix for Plus Texts 2005 (18/7/05) - prices valid to February 2006
Informit e-Library and Informit Index prices are at RRP if purchased separately outside of Informit Complete.

Draft 2004 offer to CAUL (9/6/04)
AEI PT and Family PT databases are up for trial at  AEI is complete and FAMILY is being progressively added to.
Informit Library content is available for viewing at but is still waiting to be loaded onto the Informit Search platform. (12/7/04)

Offer to CAUL 7/8/01- Earlybird incentive closes 31/8/01, Offer closes 31/10/01, eoi to CAUL Office 24/8/01
    Australian Public Affairs Full-Text
    AGIS Plus Text

Offer to CAUL 10 October 2000 Quote valid until 31 December 2000
Trial details and guide - finishes 10 November 2000
Online library open for subscribers, By ADAM TURNER. Fairfax IT News Tuesday 1 August 2000.

Informit Media
FAQ (5/7/07)
Subscriber terms (Educational Institutions) (26/3/08)
Informit - Media Subscriber Terms - Educational Institutions (19/6/07)
Launch Presentation and Guide (20/8/07)
NEWS: (19/6/07)  The new product line Informit Media is due for launch in early July.  See Brochure for further information (5/7/07)
The first databases released under Informit Media will be TVNews and TVIndex (names to be confirmed).  These products will revolutionise the way educational institutions review, research, receive and are alerted to Media.
TVNews indexes and provides a detailed synopsis of all significant news, current affairs and documentaries on Australian free to air TV and some Sky News (please note the program titles page in the demonstration is still being added to).  TVNews enables browsing, searching and the delivery of video news items on the Informit platform.  The database will be continually updated i.e. we are aiming to have the ABC's Lateline available the following morning.  We will also enable instantaneous alerts to ensure clients receive the latest information related to their fields of interest as reported on TV. To view a prototype of TVNews please click the below link and follow the prompts.
TVIndex is an index of all TV programs on free to air TV and selected Foxtel channels (e.g. Discovery, National Geographic, History, Discovery Science and Discovery Health).  This index will allow clients to search and browse across a guide of all programs (even Neighbours).  University Informit Administrators will be enabled with a facility to receive requests from university clients for DVD copies of programs.  TVIndex will also be updated continuously and as the year progresses will contain a rich archive of all programs aired on mainstream Australian TV and selected Foxtel.

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