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Updated 8 January, 2010

The Institution of Engineering and Technology was formed by the joining together of two great institutions; the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) and the IIE (The Institution of Incorporated Engineers). The IET is the inheritor of the IEE Digital Library service.
NEWS: In late January 2010 the IEEE will add approximately 40,000 archive articles from the IET (Institution of Engineering & Technology) to the IEEE Xplore platform  The IEEE Xplore platform is used to access subscriptions to the  following products IEL, POP, ASPP, IEEE Enterprise and more. Subscribers to the complete IEL Database will get full text access to these archive IET articles. Others will see the abstracts only. IEEE Xplore can be found at The IET can be found at

On 31st May 2009 IEEE will add the attached IET (Institution Of Engineering & Technology) legacy content to the IEEE Xplore platform. All users of the Xplore platform will see abstract and indexing information for these titles, those with relevant subscription will also receive access to the full text at no additional subscription cost. (29/5/09)

IET Digital Library
Standard Subscriptions (11/2/09)
Standard Licence agreement (11/2/09)
IETDL Brochure (11/2/09)
IETDL Institutional Single Site User Licence (11/2/09, under discussion re site/institution definition and re indemnity clause)
Note (13/2/09): In general, all the users in the institution could access the database on IP base. That means as long as we confirmed with subscriber that the IPs they provided all belongs to same institution, all sites could be add into contract accessing the database.

IET Digital Library Journal Archive (1872-1993)
IET Digital Library Complete package CPP - Front file (1994-onwards) - Pricing for CAUL (11/2/09)
Trial request form (11/2/09)

IEE Digital Library
NEWS 10/8/05: IEE launches the IEE Digital Library.  The IEE is pleased to announce the launch of the new <> IEE Digital Library. The IEE Digital Library is hosted on the Scitation platform from the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and replaces the IOJ (IEE Online Journals) platform.
Brochure (12/12/05)
The IDL provides unlimited access for simultaneous users to more than 50,000 technical papers from all IEE journals, magazines, conference publications and seminar digests dating back to 1994. All the records are available FULL-TEXT with the support of Inspec classification and indexing. It will be a great research tool for universities not subscribed to IEEE/IEE Electronic Library (IEL) for which there are 19 subscribers in Australia.

INSPEC® - the quality database for physics, electronics and computing.
Table of Vendors (14/7/08)

CAUL Pricing
The standard 2008 Inspec pricing for CAUL members (6/8/07):
Tier 1 - USD28360
Tier 2 - USD18905
Tier 3 - USD14180
This is the data fee we quote to vendors which they then add their mark-up (platform fee, can be anything up to 25% of data fee) and provide end price to users. The pricing are for reference as can varies and we request all vendors to send individual quote requests if they enquire on pricing.
Data fee are based on the 1) FTE & # of relevant faculties 2) budget situation 3) subscription history of IET products and we often refer the CAUL site for certain information.

The 2007 [data] pricing structure is similar with the 3 tiers and the pricing as below (4/9/06):
Tier 1 - $26,020
Tier 2 - $17,345
Tier 3 - $13,010

Updated CAUL pricing (18/1/06)
The standard 2006 CAUL price is $16,100 ....and end fee for users will have the add-on platform fee. The data fee is for tier 2 customers and we do charge several tier one at $24,150. Data fee for tier 3 sites can go down to $12,075 or just several thousands. We request all vendors to refer every enquiry so we can provide appropriate quote. Data fee are decided based on the
1) FTE & # of relevant faculties
2) budget situation
3) subscription history of IEE products and we often refer the CAUL site for certain information.
Inspec subscribers for 2006 (24/1/06)

Updated CAUL pricing (24/3/05):
National Site License Fee of US$14,925

Message received from Inspec 3/12/02:
"Please note that our standard fee for academia in Australia is indeed $12,300 per site.  This data fee is in line with our National site license fee for Australia.  Please note that all INSPEC vendors add a mark-up fees to our fee.  The vendor mark-up usually ranges between 20%-35% on average.  As we make it our policy to quote all vendors the same, please note that the difference in data fees presented to CAUL members is most likely due to vendor mark-up differences. ...."
Erica N. Mobley, Director of Sales & Training - Americas, INSPEC Inc.

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