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Updated 5 May, 1997

To CAUL Datasets Coordinators,

DA Information Services and Information Access Company, through AVCC funding [from the National Priority (Reserve) Fund], will be providing access to two databases, for the next 12 months, for all Australian universities. Both IAC and DA are delighted to be providing these databases, and look forward to offering you a valuable service, well supported by training tools, information, etc.

Here is some preliminary information.

1. The Service

AVCC / CAUL have chosen to provide two IAC databases, both available for unlimited simultaneous usage. The trial will last for 12 months. Both databases are accessible via the WWW, with no installation of software or hardware required on the part of the universities. Each university will be provided with its own URL to access the service.

IAC's SearchBank Web interface provides access to the text, AND images. SearchBank offers users a choice of output options:

More importantly, SearchBank allows you to choose the appropriate output option for each article - you are not locked into any particular format.

2. The Databases

Expanded Academic ASAP

IAC's flagship academic database, Expanded Academic contains more than 1,500 indexed titles, with over 520 of them available in full text. Coverage includes 1980 to present - updated daily.

The range of subjects covered includes: * agriculture * arts * business * communications * law * economics * education * engineering * history * languages * literature * philosophy * women's studies

In short, Expanded Academic ASAP is an excellent one-stop database for undergraduate studies in all but the pure sciences.

Computer ASAP

A comprehensive information technology research database, covering computer science, electronics and telecommunications. Computer ASAP indexes over 150 titles, with over 100 of those in full text. This includes many popular technology publications such as PC Magazine, Electronic Engineering Times, Journal of Systems Management, etc. Coverage includes the current year plus most recent 3 years, and is updated daily.

NOTE: If you would like instantly a complete list of journals for either of the databases, this can be found at IAC's web site:

When you receive your URL information, you will see both databases listed on a menu.

3. Start Date

Over the past few weeks we have been gathering the necessary information to turn on access for all Australian universities. There are still approximately 11 universities who have not yet provided this information, but we have decided to proceed now with the ones who have. If your university has responded to our request for information, (IP addresses, etc.) we will send you your URL information today, for an official start date of Friday 7th February.

4. Bonus for LegalTrac Subscribers

As part of our proposal, we recognized that a number of universities currently subscribe to LegalTrac (CD-ROM version). As a SearchBank Web version of this database is also available, we have promised to provide access to LegalTrac via the Web to current CD-ROM subscribers. (This is in addition to their CD-ROM subscription.) There will be no charge for this service. We felt it would be beneficial to be able to access LegalTrac under the same interface as the other two IAC databases.


5. Training tools

During the week of 10th February, you will receive a Training / Reader Education pack. This will include:

* SearchBank Getting Started Guide
* SearchBank User Guide
* SearchBank stand-up Quick Reference Guide
* Training video
* PowerPoint presentation
* Demo / tutorial diskette
* Promotional flyer for each database
* Complete journal list for each database

6. Training schedule

We have undertaken to run SearchBank training sessions in at least each capital city. This schedule is currently being arranged, and I will be in touch with you on an individual basis shortly.

7. If you already subscribe

A number of universities already subscribe to one or both of these databases. We will be offering a pro-rata rebate to the universities involved. During the next week a letter from Dianne Marshall at DA will be sent to the Serials Dept at each of these universities, outlining the details. On receipt of this letter, we will need prompt confirmation of your decision on whether you wish to take advantage of this offer.

8. Your contacts at DA

Technical contact: Tony Enderby
Database contact: Caroline Beatty

I look forward to working with you over the next 12 months.


Caroline Beatty
Product Manager, Electronic Products and Services
DA Information Services

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