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Updated 25 February, 2008

NEWS: 23/2/08:  Springer's Humana Press launches new website Publisher Humana Press, acquired by Springer Science+Business Media, Germany, in September 2006, has announced the launch of its new website at
29/1/08 Springer Protocols, a protocol database of over 18,000 searchable online protocols in life sciences and biomedicine. The protocols provide step-by-step 'recipes,' that can be executed in a controlled laboratory environment. Springer Protocols is a subscription product published under the Humana Press imprint, and can be found at  (NB Swets [have been] given the exclusive rights to sell the newly rebranded Protocols (formerly Humana Protocols, now Springer Protocols) to CEIRC members.)
20/6/07 Springer Moves Forward with Humana Press Acquisition
As the one-year anniversary of acquiring Humana Press inches closer, Springer is pleased to announce a new milestone to mark the occasion. As of May 1st, all 24 Humana journals (including such titles as: Molecular Biotechnology, Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, Cardiovascular Toxicology, etc.) have been included in the SpringerLink system, giving online users access to some of the top-rated journals in molecular biology, neuroscience, cancer research, and medicine fields.
Additionally, Springer has moved forward with Humana’s, a market-leading and highly-respected protocols database including over 16,000 searchable online protocols in biomedicine.
Starting in 2008, SpringerLink will be fully equipped with access to all of Humana's book titles, an esteemed cache of distinguished resources bolstered by a backlist of approximately 1000 titles, to which approximately 150 books (roughly half in clinical medicine and half in life sciences) are added per year.

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