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Updated 21 August, 2008

NEWS: 21 August, 2008 Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), a non-profit research organization at Yale University, would like to offer your institution a free semester-long trial for  the eHRAF World Cultures/Archaeology databases. The eHRAF databases are ideal for research and teaching, especially for those researching either individual societies or conducting cross-cultural studies on particular subjects. Please call Christiane Cunnar (HRAF Member Services) at 203-764-9401 or email for password information and other inquiries.  The semester-long database trial, which runs through December 31, 2008 and is set up with IP addresses, enables librarians as well as faculty and students to evaluate the eHRAF databases more thoroughly and allow the institution access from all on- and off-campus locations.

eHRAF Collection of Ethnography database (18/1/07)
eHRAF Collection of Archaeology database (18/1/07)
Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM) Subject Categories (18/1/07)

Consortium Membership (8/1/07)
Affordable consortium membership is now available. For two or more institutions we offer lower consortium dues tied to "FTE" full-time enrollment for students in a fall semester. The dues for the ethnography (E) database are listed first, followed by the dues for the archaeology (A) database (in italics).

 Consortium Dues:
 < 4,000 FTE = E$1395/A$795
 4,001 - 12,000 FTE = E$1795/A$895
 12,001 - 20,000 FTE = E$2495/A$1095
 > 20,000 FTE = E$2895/A$1195

Trial details (24/8/99)

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