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Updated 12 September, 2009

Shop for Journals (TFOCIS). (12/9/09)
A group of HighWire-affiliated publishers have agreed to conform to a common pricing model and a standard set of Guidelines for Internet Access to Journals for their Institutional Subscribers. See list of participating publishers.
2010 offer to CAUL for selected TFOCIS titles (via EBSCO, 12/9/09)

Free Online Full-text Articles
Year 2000 Prices for Consortia.
Year 2001 Prices for Individual Institutions
IP blocking principles - OUP version (1/8/08)
NEWS 21/7/05:I’d like to point you to a useful tool we provide for librarians on the HighWire portal. At, under the center tab, “For Institutions”, is a link on the left side called “Get Answers”, which may satisfy your request nicely (as well as providing a lot of other useful information).

You can, for example, select:
   Journal Name
   Who is the publisher?
   What is the main URL for the journal site?
   What is the online ISSN number?
   What is the print ISSN number?
   What is the range of content online?

Then choose the titles to which your library subscribes. At the bottom of the page, enter your email address, and tick the box, “Check to also generate a tab-delimited file for importing into Microsoft Excel”. You will be sent an email from HighWire Press with instructions and a link that contains the relevant information (in addition to receiving a second, html-enhanced email).

You don’t have to be “signed in” to the portal (or be a subscriber) to take advantage of this section of our site. But if you do administer multiple HighWire-hosted journal accounts, you may find there is some advantage in registering and making use of the other library-friendly features on the "Manage Your Subscriptions" pages. No charge.
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Journal of Biological Chemistry (see American Society for for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

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