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Updated 28 April, 2009

NEWS: 3/1/09: All journal titles formerly published by Haworth Press are now available at informaworld ( This marks the first stage in migrating the ejournals from to informaworld. The following information will help you to prepare for a smooth platform transition for you and your users.
* From today all Haworth journal titles are available from   informaworld.
* From this point, no new content with a 2009 volume year will be   added to, nor will any new accounts be   created on the site.
The Haworth Press site will run in tandem with informaworld until 30th March 2009, after which date the Haworth Press site will be closed.

Online Access
The Haworth Press licence currently allows access to purchased volume years only. We have amended this access model to allow access to current content with a current subscription along with a backfile to 1997, where digitised. Access to previous content will be made available through our Online Archive Packages, with further details to follow in the New Year. Purchased content will be available in perpetuity.

In most cases, online access should be transferred automatically to your institution's informaworld account. In the case of personal subscribers and any new institutional subscribers who do not yet have an informaworld account you will receive an email detailing how to access your subscription. We advise you to check your access thoroughly whilst we are dual hosting and report any anomalies to the informaworld support team at

Online Access to Ceased Titles
We plan to host ceased titles from on informaworld. A list of these titles can be found at
Users will need to claim online access to ceased titles by contacting

Academic to Calendar Year subscriptions
Haworth Press published some titles on an academic year basis (September to August). Taylor & Francis will be publishing these titles on a calendar year basis. All volumes are being published on a calendar year basis from 2008.

Link Resolvers
We are working with the following link resolver intermediaries:
Serials Solutions, Ex Libris, TD Net, Ebsco Industries A-Z, Goldrush and OCLC. Depending on their update schedules (which are usually monthly) Haworth content should feature in informaworld holdings during January for most providers. Where knowledgebases are not updated during January, the content will appear in early February. In the interim, a list of holdings, urls and current content access date ranges for Haworth titles is available at

Usage Statistics
Currently the usage statistics on are not COUNTER Compliant. Because the data is not compliant we do not plan to migrate the Haworth Press usage statistics to informaworld. We do hope, after the close of the Haworth Press site, to make available the previous usage statistics from the site. We encourage any user wishing to access these statistics to download them from before 30th March 2009.

It is our hope that this transition causes minimal disruption to you and your library users. Your patience during this transition is very much appreciated and we hope that the move to informaworld from Haworth Press will provide an improved user experience in the long term.

With kind regards,
Jennifer McMillan
Library Marketing Manager
Taylor & Francis Group

20 December, 2007: Taylor & Francis Group is delighted to welcome Haworth Press journals and books to its publishing portfolio following the acquisition of Haworth Press on September 14th, 2007.  .... View a full list of Haworth Press journal titles at: ....
Renewals: 2008 renewals were distributed by Haworth Press. Existing customers will be able to resubscribe to Haworth sales models which will remain the same through 2008.Taylor & Francis Group will administer 2009 renewals.
Customer Service will be available via Haworth Press until March 2008. See for contact details. After this point, Customer Service will be available from Taylor & Francis Group. See for your local Customer Service contact.
Electronic Access will continue at the Haworth Press website throughout 2008. Taylor & Francis Group will migrate these titles to informaworld during the course of 2008. From 2009, the informaworld platform will host the Haworth Press list.
14 August, 2007. The Haworth Press, Inc., publisher of 194 scholarly/academic journals and approximately 150 books/monographs yearly, announced today that it would be acquired by Taylor & Francis.

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