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Updated 17 August, 2006

NEWS (19/7/06):  Earlier this year GIDEON established a distribution agreement with EBSCO (see to sell GIDEON worldwide to new customers. We developed a new price list based on unlimited usage per institution, which works with how they sell.  The pricing for new customers is based on number of students and I'll need to get back to you about the specifics some time next week.

GIDEON ( is a user-friendly, evidence based, medical decision support and information source for the fields of infectious disease and microbiology. GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease and EpidemiOlogy Network) helps doctors overcome information overload and significantly improves diagnostic and treatment accuracy while providing the most up-to-date information in global infectious diseases. The sources that keep GIDEON up to date include peer-reviewed published materials, health ministry reports from around the world and relevant text books. GIDEON succinctly presents the latest information in a very easy-to-use format which is popular with faculty, residents and students.

GIDEON content - described throughout our website at
GIDEON is made up of four modules: Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Therapy and Microbiology. The constantly updated database includes 337 diseases, 224 countries, 1,147 microbial taxa and 306 antibacterial (-fungal, -parasitic, -viral) agents and vaccines. GIDEON's worldwide data sources essentially include the entire world's literature and adhere to the standards of Evidence Based Medicine. Over 10,000 notes outline the status of specific infections within each country. Also featured are over 20,000 images, graphs, interactive maps and references.  (For more information & related links, see
Updated 17/8/06:  We've also added a few new features to GIDEON, as follows:
- Search - More details here:
- First case diagnosis -
- Gradient maps - we've added gradient colors on maps based on rates of diseases for about 15 diseases, including Tuberculosis, Pertussis, Dracunculiasis, Plague, Cholera, Poliomyelitis and Measles and a bunch of others:"

Target audience are University, Medical and Public Health libraries.
Great powerpoint demonstration available at
Tutorial is at
Sample customers:
Reviews: (including JAMA:

GIDEON Pricing for CAUL members 2006/7 (via EBSCO, 11/8/06)  ...pricing has now been set and will serve until 31 December 2007. We will issue 2008 pricing later in 2007.  Regarding the pricing increase, GIDEON is now offered to universities only on an unlimited access basis and is no longer available by concurrent user (except for current subscribers JCU and UWA).  FTE refers to the institution's FTE.

Institutional list pricing for 2006 (29/9/05): US$2,495 / concurrent user / year. See
Incentive before year end: US$1,995 / concurrent user / year.
Consortial pricing for CAUL for 2006.

Single user license is available at
Institutional license .... should work with all your constraints (Multi campus institutions, calendar year subscriptions).
CAUL licence (25/10/05)

Trials: sign up for individual trial at
IP address authentication information can be added to designated administrator account and a unique URL will be provided.
Logfile access available to administrator. See

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