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Future Science Group

Updated 29 October, 2009

Future Drugs - Licence (8/8/06)
Future Medicine - Licence (8/8/06)
Expert Reviews - Licence (15/5/08)

Future Science Group response to CAUL vendor form (15/5/08)

2010 Pricing for CAUL (29/10/09)
Titles lists for Expert Reviews, Future Medicine and Future Science Collections (29/10/09)

CAUL 2008 pricing for Future Medicine & Expert Reviews for academic and corporate/government subscribers (15/5/08)
Title lists for Future Medicine & Expert Reviews (15/5/08)

Consortium offer for Future Drugs and Future Medicine 2007 (via iGroup, 8/8/06)
Contributors to both collections from CAUL/CEIRC member Institutions (8/8/06)

Contact: (2/5/08)
Simon Boisseau  Sales and Marketing Manager  Future Science Group
T: +44 (0)20 8371 6080 (main)   E:

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