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Updated 7 May, 2008

Facts on File
Response to CEIRC licence questions (22/4/08)
Pricing for CAUL, all in AUD (7/5/08)
"Facts on File confirms that authorized users (subscribing institutions and/or their patrons) may use content contained within the databases for non-commercial uses, excepting any re-publication, either in print or via electronic means. All usage must include proper citation, either on the page or at the end of the work." (7/5/08)
Facts on File Order Form (7/5/08)

Technical Support:  Jamaal Thompson - Email: (7/5/08)

Some Key Points about the Facts on File Collection:
The Facts on File collection has been designed to suit the reference requirements of public libraries, undergraduate research, bridging or tertiary preparation courses, secondary schools and colleges.  Each database offers a wealth of hyperlinked full-text records, primary source documents, images, video or animated content, maps, time lines, key word searches along with subject specific news and detailed citation information.
Onsite access is supplied via institutional IPs or referring or embedded URL.  Offsite users may access the services via their library member number, bar code range or generic username and password.
Users enjoy unlimited on and offsite access with no copyright implications or restrictions governing the use or reuse of content.  There are no limits on the number of simultaneous users and the services are available 24/7.  Counter Compliant user statistics reports are available at any time and we supply a range of promotional material and training workshops in support of all subscriptions at no cost.

NEW!  News & Current Events Collection:
World News Digest - Archival records covering nearly seven decades from the renowned Facts on File World News Digest in print. Updated weekly with more than 1 million hyperlinks covering all major political, social and economic events since 1940.  World News Digest contains unique story indexes allowing users to view the top stories by decade, by country or by a by a particular issue.
Issues and Controversies In World News - Helps researchers understand the hot topics in business, politics, government, education and popular culture. Updated weekly with links to a 12-year backfile, Issues & Controversies hones critical thinking via in-depth, thought provoking contextual background to many of today's most pressing issues.
Today's Science - Bridges the gap between the science we hear about in daily news and the discoveries that push the boundaries of science today. Updated weekly with thousands of links to a 15-year backfile, Today's Science explains important developments in biology, chemistry, the environment, space, physics and technology.
Issues & Controversies in American History - Designed to build a deeper understanding of the historical events that shaped the US with in-depth exploration of key people and events.  Updated bi-weekly with extensive links to overviews and background articles on the crucial topics from colonial times to the present.

Original Facts on File Reference Collection:
Ancient & Medieval History Online - Encompassing ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, ancient and medieval Africa, medieval Europe, the Americas and ancient and medieval Asia.  Contains a wealth of primary source documents and new historical videos covering religion, everyday life, art and culture.
Modern World History Online - Covers the breadth of modern world history from the mid-1400s to the present day.  Modern World History contains a wealth of primary source documents and a new video library.
American History Online - Spans more than 500 years of American political, military, social and cultural history.  Features selected primary source documents along with new video footage covering major events.
Health Reference Centre - Provides clear, authoritative information on today's most pressing health topics, including mental health and alternative medicine.  New Health Centres cover covering Womenís, Menís, Childrenís and Senior Health with hundreds of full colour diagrams, illustrations and new videos content.
Science Online - Offers a comprehensive overview of the sciences.  Now includes enhanced animated and video footage, science in the news archive, a science dictionary, timelines and thousands of printable diagrams and experiments.
World Atlas - World Atlas blends traditional printable, full-colour original maps with invaluable cultural and comparative statistical information.  Individual country profiles cover government, legal and economic information, country constitutions, climate and weather, people, culture, languages, religion, historical information and biographies of famous people.
Bloom's Literary Reference Online - Examines the lives and works of great writers throughout history.  Recently updated with 800 new classic critical essays covering the key literary figures of the last 500 years.

*All Facts on File history databases are cross-searchable via our unique history federated search tool.
Facts on File collection is fully compatible with WebFeat.

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