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Technical Contact/s (if no technical contact available, the sales contact has been provided): Nadira Mohsin, Account Manager, Euromonitor International (Asia) Pte Ltd
Technical Update 24/7/07:  EZProxy works with our portal site using the following details, which usually solves the problem for universities:
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2010 Subscriptions
2010 CAUL licence agreement (13/1/10)
2010 Passport GMID offer to CAUL (8/7/09)
Euromonitor Passport GMID - additional content availability - Economic Observer (will be optional add-on for 2011, 28/11/10)

2009 Subscriptions
2009 CAUL licence agreement (9/2/09)
2009 Passport-GMID (Global Market Information Database) offer to CAUL (15/7/08)
Additional information re Passport GMID (27/8/08)
In 2008:
Upgraded subscribers – GMID + GCTM (US$xxx)
Non-upgraded subscribers – GMID (US$xx)
For 2009 renewal:
Upgraded, non-upgraded and new subscribers – GMID + GCTM + Country-related reports and articles + Impulse Food and Drink Channels = Passport-GMID for US$xxx.
So we are essentially offering all subscribers (upgraded, non-upgraded and new) the same package i.e. Passport-GMID for US$xxx

2008 Subscriptions
GMID (Global Market Information Database)
Global Consumer Trend Monitoring (optional add-on module - see further information below)
2008 GMID Renewal Offer to CAUL Existing Subscribers of GMID (19/6/07)
2008 GMID Renewal Offer to CAUL New Subscribers of GMID (19/6/07)
2008 CAUL licence agreement (15/7/08)

2007 Subscriptions
Trials available 10 June to 9 July, 2006
2007 pricing for GMID, including Health and Wellness reports (15/6/06)
2007 GMID User Agreement (16/8/07)

2006 Subscriptions
Trial available 1-31 August 2005
2006 GMID User Agreement  (27/1/06)
2006 pricing for GMID and Industry Watch (18/7/05)

2005 Subscriptions
Trial available.  The trial will last for one month from 1-30 June 2004.
Subscription Term:  1st January 2005 up to 31st December 2005 (Renewals & expressions of interest to CAUL Office)
Content information & brochure available
2005 Agreement (26/1/05)
Pricing available

2004 Subscriptions
Trial available. The trial will last for one month from the 17th of September to the 17th of October 2003.
Subscription Term:  1st January 2004 up to 31st December 2004 (Renewals & expressions of interest to CAUL Office)
Content information & brochure available.
Pricing available

2003 Subscriptions
Trial available up to 31st October 2002
Subscription Term:  1st January 2003 up to 31st December 2003
Terms and conditions of subscription: User Agreement 2003 (draft User Agreement)
Pricing available.

New features that we are including for the 2003 subscription (see brochure):

Global Market Information Database (GMID) GMID supports international strategic analysis and business planning by allowing users to access up-to-date statistics and analysis on a range of product and service markets.  The system provides an annually updated picture of consumer, product and marketing trends, manufacturer and brand competition, distribution patterns and market forecasts.  All the data can be accessed and manipulated at national, regional and global levels.  It is an excellent source of information, relevant to the following areas: marketing, management, international business, international trade, mass communications, advertising, tourism, etc.

Review on Euromonitor:  Global Market Information Database  (18/7/05)
“Euromonitor’s Global Market Information Database presents an impressive array of international market data”
Information World Review

·  “Country Data” and “Consumer Lifestyles”:
The combination of the raw, officially sourced statistical data on 207 countries in “country data” and the ‘real world’ insight into the national culture, tastes, buying habits, etc provided by our country based research teams is a fantastic combination. The statistics for instance might show that the section of the Chinese population aged 10-15 years is going to increase, however without the understanding of how these teenagers spend their time, shop, eat, socialise etc that data alone isn’t very useful. This part of GMID effectively provides you with your desk-research stage of any research project.

· “Consumer Market Sizes” and “Forecasts”:
Historical and forecast retail sales figures for more than 330 consumer products. This part of the database quantifies the spending and demand for most consumer products - from baked beans to washing machines - allowing you to effectively look at the shopping basket of consumers across 52 countries. From here you can make observations on the different national tastes of consumers in different countries, how much products cost - where the potential for new products exists.

· “Companies & Brands” and “Sources”:
Directory style databases which allow you to ‘go beyond’ the data we provide you in GMID. Effectively we give you access to the address books of our country based research teams - giving you contact details and web-links to useful sources of industry information in the form of 3,000 company entries and 35,000 other places where information can be obtained. For example, if you wanted to look at the toothpaste market in Japan, you’d simply type in “toothpaste Japan” to find lists of oral hygiene associations and other sources in the region.

· “Market Analysis”:
“Market Analysis’ where we look at a wide range of consumer product and service industries individually across 52 countries, and then at regional and global levels. Typical report titles would be “The Market for Alcoholic Drinks in Mexico” or “Travel and Tourism in Australia”.

GMID Brochure 2001 : GMID Market Analysis module (8) information : GMID modules 1-7 information

GMID Site description  (Word97) | (pdf)
To help your technical teams - the database URL is
Suggested Descriptive Text for Hyperlink:  "Euromonitor's "Global Market Information Database" (GMID)

Euromonitor's web-based access to their entire reference and source data. GMID provides data on countries, markets - offering historical statistics and forecasts, information sources, brand and company information, plus full-text market analysis.

GMID is continuously-updated as it links directly to the in-house research databases used by Euromonitor analysts and consultants. One of the major advantages of the Web access is that GMID encourages rapid two-way dialogue between subscribers and Euromonitor personnel by offering 24-hour support. Users can either phone named personnel for help or use the "questions" electronic bulletin board to seek assistance."

Re the Market Analysis module.
As you may be aware, Euromonitor publish over 300 market research reports providing in-depth analysis of global consumer markets.  As an optional addition to the Global Market Information Database you can have unlimited access to this full text analysis.  Euromonitor publish over 300 market research reports providing in-depth analysis of global consumer markets.  As an optional addition to the Global Market Information Database you can have unlimited access to this full text analysis.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a new module that has been introduced called Consumer Lifestyles. This is a huge compilation of comprehensive reports which investigates the everyday purchasing habits of consumers in 60 countries.  A diverse range of consumer spending areas has been researched, from eating and drinking habits to savings and investments trends.  The figures provided in each market report have been analysed and a detailed commentary is provided.  As a result, these titles will inform you which factors are affecting consumer decision making and spending habits. They also provide you with an assessment of the factors that will determine future spending patterns.  I've attached a report as an example.

   <<Consumer (1.8mb)>> "Consumer Lifestyles in Germany" (68pp)

Reports are regularly updated - you can expect to see two/three reports per country per year. The country reports are 60-100 pages long, very chart-driven and nicely complement the raw numbers in the 'Marketing Parameters' module.

Country Coverage:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Canada, USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, South Africa.

Consumer Market News Analysed and Delivered To Your Desktop:
· Real time reaction to braking news from industry specialists
· Expert interpretations of immediate and potential consequences of key events
· Searchable archive: by country, subject and keyword
· 1000 articles and 25 in-depth features per industry, per year
· Clear email format that is easy to digest

News Analysis:
· Acquisitions and disposals of companies and brands
· Advertising and promotional initiatives
· Brand launches, withdrawals and line extensions
· Company interims
· Consumer perceptions and trends
· Legislation
· Marco-economics, social and demographic shifts
· Media activity
· New packaging and ingredients
· New sub-brands and variants
· Product developments
· Retailer activity
Industry Features:
· Country-specific trends with  international significance
· New Opportunities, white spaces
· Niche product markets
· Obscure country markets
· Scenario analysis of companies and markets
· The shifting competitive landscape
· Trade opinion on hot industry topics
· Updated forecasts as major events change prospects
A subscription to Industry Watch allows you to understand the impact of industry events and trends across key consumer markets:
* Foods
* Drinks
*Cosmetics and Toiletries
*OTC Healthcare
* Retailing
* Foodservice

Offer for Future Demographic Database.  (25/5/05)
....   a new database that is seamlessly integrated to the GMID system. This database is only offered to current GMID subscribers and cannot be purchased on its own. The Future Demographic database provides analysis and charts to explain the data that is found in GMID. Currently, GMID subscribers only get static data under the Population category. But with this analysis, users are able to make better sense of the Population data.


* Future demographic reports for 71 countries and 10 regions
* Long term population forecasts (2005-2020)
* Detailed breakdowns of how individual groups within the population are forecast to change: Babies, Infants, Toddlers, Children, Teenager, Middle Aged, Baby Boomers, Elderly
* Colour charts which show detailed population forecasts by age at a glance.

Data for every year (1977-2020) and every age (0-80)
More than 250,000 population statistics in total


1.  Population breakdowns by age, particularly if they are targeting a product or service to a given marketing segment.  It helps them identify population groups and countries with the greatest potential

* Quantify the size of different age groups
* Predict if a target age group is forecast to grow or decline
  There is no point investing in a country if age forecasts show that the target market is going to decline
* Understand how the size of the target age group compares to other population groups e.g. is the baby sector bigger than teenagers?
* Identify countries with favourable population structures for a particular product or service

2.  Country analysts in many different types of organisations need to understand population structure.  Changes have all sorts of economic implications which need to be understood and factored in to forward planning and investment decisions:

* Are there enough people of working age, or is migration to other countries an issue?
* Is a country's infrastructure able to cope with a growing population? e.g. housing, education, transport

3.  Clients cannot get this sort of research elsewhere, it is unique to Euromonitor

* No-one publishes population forecasts that are as detailed, not even national statistical offices.  We've used our own unique methodology to create forecast data with no gaps
* Population forecasts that are available are NOT comparable across countries

.... a sample report of the Future Demographics of Japan so that you can forward to the other 18 members subscribing to GMID.

Pricing for CAUL.

Terms & Conditions.
See also current agreement, linked to annual offers to CAUL.
The main feature of the contract will however be:

Use of Data
1.1 Access will be given to XXX University using IP recognition to permit access for authorised students, staff and faculty only, from locations both on and off the University campus via the Internet.

1.2 XXX University account may only be used by current students, faculty and staff.

4.3     No re-distribution of data, paid or otherwise, to third parties or to other XXX University affiliates is permitted.

4.4 XXX University will ensure that all users who access Euromonitor data are aware that such data are for personal academic research purposes only and cannot be sold or otherwise re-distributed to third parties. Prices for commercial use of data are available on request.

4.5 Euromonitor retains all copyright and database rights to the data.  Any use of data will be sourced as, and attributed to, "Euromonitor".

4.6 Euromonitor retains the right to terminate the agreement if there is a breach of these terms of use.
It s a step by step guide for accessing the latest GMID interface and additional module (GCTM)

Information on the new interface as well as the URL link that should be used from now on. (3/7/07)

1)                   Please replace the URL as soon as possible as access to the existing version of GMID will be switched off very soon.
2)                   If [the university] uses the services of a proxy server, such as EzyProxy, kindly ensure that the link is properly registered with the proxy server in order to ensure trouble-free access.
3)                   You will notice a log-in portlet at the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Please note that creating an account is optional and users can still access the database by using the Menu Search button or via the list of options on the left-hand side of the homepage.
4)                   Global Consumer Trend Monitoring (GCTM) additional content has already been available to you on a trial-basis. This new content is not easily noticeable as it has been integrated into the new interface of GMID. You will therefore need to look out for it. GCTM content can be found;

a.       Under ‘Comments’ section – centre-bottom of Homepage
b.       Under ‘Consumers’ homepage – accessed by clicking ‘Consumers’ found along top task bar
c.       Under ‘Comments’ tab which will appear after you run your search and view your results.
d.       Under ‘Related Items’ section found on right-hand side of your loaded results.
5)                   I have also attached a PowerPoint file to help you better understand what is included in the new content of GCTM. In the second slide, you will see a diagram of what is available in the Global Market Information Database (GMID). Items in black represent content that you are already subscribed to. Items in red represent additional upgrade content that is the Global Consumer Trend Monitoring (GCTM)

Key benefits of new interface:
Content is more visible accessible via new Industries, Countries and Consumers pages. These pages offer quick access to latest reports, key trends (statistics) and topical comment allowing users to get to insights faster.

Users no longer have to rely on Menu Search or Text Search to search for information.  In addition, they can also find do so by ‘browsing’ the Industries, Countries and Consumers pages for content.
There is much more related content available, giving users quick access to information they may not realise exists in their subscription.
Help functionality is much improved.  It is more comprehensive than before and available online.

How to access the new GMID interface:
To start using the new version of GMID all you have to do is click on the link and accept the Terms & Conditions and you will be able to access all of the data you currently subscribe to.  Please simply replace your current GMID link on your Library Intranet with this new one.

Please note that in the top right corner of the home page users can create personal profiles if they wish. All of the data in GMID can be accessed without personal login but only by creating a personal login can users save their searches and come back to them later. In future we will have more personalisation features but for the moment the main advantage is the saving of searches.

Below is a link to various sized Euromonitor logos that you can use to place on the university intranet if you so wish.

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