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AAAS (Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Online)
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ASIC and Corporations Legislation Online
CAUL Pricing for 2009 - no change from 2007 pricing (18/7/08)
CAUL Pricing for 2008 - no change from 2007 pricing (1/8/07)
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Table of Contents
ASIC Legislation
Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 Volume 1
Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 Volume 2
Australian Securities and Investments Regulations 2001
Corporations Legislation
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 1
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 2
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 3
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 4
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 5
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 6
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 7
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 8
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 9
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 10
Corporations Act 2001 Volume 11
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 1
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 2
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 3
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 4
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 5
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 6
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 7
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 8
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 9
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 10
Corporations Regulations 2001 Volume 11
Corporations (Compensation Arrangements Levies) Act 2001
Corporations (Change of Incorporation) Regulations 2002
Corporations (Fees) Act 2001
Corporations (Fees) Regulations 2001
Corporations (National Guarantee Fund Levies) Act 2001
Corporations (Review Fees) Act 2003
Corporations (Review Fees) Regulations 2003

Macquarie WordGenius Reference Library
UPDATE 4/11/09:  Eurofield Information Solutions longer have the rights to sell the Macquarie content after the 22nd of October 2009.  However, WordGenius is Eurofield's own proprietary product and they are still selling WordGenius Random House Webster's Dictionaries.

The following is for historical information only:
The MACQUARIE WORDGENIUS REFERENCE LIBRARY comprises the unabridged Macquarie Dictionary, 4th Edition, the Macquarie Thesaurus and the Macquarie Spellchecker. It is the ultimate Australian off-line reading and writing productivity tool for PCs.
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