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Updated 15 August, 2009

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Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)  [Pricing, Terms & Conditions, License]

Working papers, conference proceedings, books, case studies, and other full-text materials from approximately 150 contributors--over 100,000 pages of content, with 3,000 additional pages each month.
If you have any questions or concerns about the database, please contact or email me at Mary Niedzwiecki
To answer general questions about administering the CIAO database, please check out this link:

Columbia University Press Database License Agreement (14/5/08)
CIAO Multi-site License (13/12/04)

CAUL Pricing for 2010 (13/7/09)

Columbia Gazetteer to World
Columbia Granger's World of Poetry
Earthscape is shutting down on June 30th, 2009 and we are no longer accepting new orders for this product. (10/10/08)
CAUL Pricing for 2009 (9/9/08, updated 10/10/08)
CAUL Pricing for 2008 (27/9/07)
CAUL Pricing for 2007 unchanged from 2006 (27/9/06)
CAUL Pricing for 2006 (13/10/05)
CAUL Subscriptions for 2006 (21/10/05)

The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia

The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing

Columbia Earthscape
An information resource primarily for teaching and learning about the global environment, linking discipline to discipline, and instruction to research and policy.

Columbia Granger's World of Poetry Online
Approximately 30,000 poems in full-text, plus commentaries, biographies, bibliographies, and glossary terms, and the 200,000 citations originating from the print indexes--all interlinked

The Columbia Gazetteer of the World Online
Continuously updated and enhanced, the Gazetteer has over 165,000 entries reflecting the physical structure of the planet, the changing political geography of international relations, and places that possess special character. The latter is highly diverse, ranging from ancient countries to geological features and religious sites.
20% Special Offer for Australia!
And now, to encourage you to take a look at the Gazetteer and then a subscription to it, we’re offering a very special incentive. If you
evaluate the database and subscribe to it by November 30th, we’ll not only take 20% off the list price, but also pledge to keep that price for a minimum of two years. Please contact me at to start your trial. I look forward to hearing from you shortly, and to working with you and your institution.
Nan Hudes
Library Marketing Director
Columbia University Press
3 August, 2004

2005 update (26/1/05)
We would be pleased to offer a 10% discount on CIAO subscriptions to CAUL members.  A list of all CIAO subscribers and regular pricing can be found @  Regarding multiple campuses, the language in the license is aimed more at situations in the USA where multiple universities are often considered as campuses, such as the University of California locations.  The license on the CIAO site is a generic one.  In the attachment is a license that expressly permits access on multiple campuses.  The pricing would be based on the total FTE of each university's combined campuses.

2004 update (26/8/04)
Current Australian subscribers:
Australian Defence Force Academy (UNSW@ADFA)
Australian National University,
Curtin University,
Flinders University,
LaTrobe University,
Monash University,
University of Sydney,
University of Wollongong
Lowy Institute for International Policy, (not CEIRC)
Parliament of Australia, (not CEIRC)
Refugee Review Tribunal,  (not CEIRC)
U.S. Embassy,  (not CEIRC)

2001 offer to CAUL. I would be happy to be able to offer CAUL's members discount pricing for our databases. CUP/EPIC have four online databases.  Our pricing is based on FTEs. I'll detail the regular pricing below, which for each database is higher per FTE at smaller institutions.  The extra location typically refers to a separate campus outside of the metropolitan region of the main location. I don't think I charged extra for Monash University, which has many locations, for its CIAO subscription. So, unless there are very unusual circumstances, I'll treat each institution as a single entity.

For all four databases, trials can be by IP recognition or user name and password. Three, four weeks, or even more is fine with us.

Multiple Subscription Discounts.
Our consortia pricing have discounts ranging from 10% to over 50% depending on the level of participation.
Institution subscribing to two Columbia online databases 10% on both
... to three 20% on each
... to four 30% on the four

Richard Dill

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