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Updated 29 June, 2009

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LICENSE AGREEMENT For Elsevier Online Services Rev. January 14, 2008 (29/6/09)
[FIRST, SECOND, etc.] AMENDMENT TO MD CONSULT/FIRSTCONSULT LICENSE AGREEMENT [For Elsevier Consult™ Online Services] (29/6/09) For customers who already have MD Consult, they just need to sign a simple amendment for the eBooks.
LICENSE AGREEMENT For Elsevier Consult™ Online Services (4/9/07)
[First, Second, Etc.] Amendment to Md Consult/Firstconsult License Agreement  [For Elsevier Consult™ Online Services] (1/12/08)

MD Consult eBooks - offer to CAUL (26/6/09)
eBooks packages - offer to CAUL (5/1/09, updated 13/2/09)
Previous offer to CAUL (29/11/08)

Mosby's Nursing Consult
Trial available 1-31/10/07 (26/9/07)
2007 enhancements (26/9/07)

Mosby’s Nursing Index.
Offer to CAUL for 2007-2009 (4/9/07)
Source lists and product information (4/9/07)

Brochure (12/3/07)

Kumar & Clark.  Clinical Medicine.  5th edition.
Individual access
Access to the online edition is only available through the purchase of the 5th edition of Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine. It is not currently available for purchase as a standalone product.
If you wish to purchase a copy of the 5th edition, please visit which offers free postage and packing to any European address.
If you have purchased the 5th edition, you can register now to get access.
Registration requires the unique PIN number that came with your copy of the textbook. Please note the following:
    * The PIN number is seven characters long and can be found under the scratch panel on the inside front cover of your textbook.
    * Your PIN is unique to you and your registration. Once used, the PIN number cannot be used again, so please enter it carefully when registering.
If you are registered at, you can use your same email/password log-in details when you register for

Contacts at Elsevier for Australia and New Zealand (12/9/06)

MD Consult suite of services: Products include: MD Consult; First Consult; Mosby’s Nursing Consult; Nursing Skills; I Consult; PathCONSULT.
Sally Stone 
Business Development Manager
Elsevier Health Sciences 
Tel: +61 (0)2 9517 8956 
Mobile: +61 (0)421 052 071 
Fax: +61 (0)2 9517 2249 
Nicky Hewlett
Business Development Manager - Health Sciences
Elsevier Australia | 
Level 13, 461 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 3000
T +61 (0)3 9602 6304 | F +61 (0)3 9691 3344 | M +61 (0)412 694 396 

MDL and X-Pharm
Doreen Tan
Product Sales Manager
Elsevier S&T (APAC), Life Science
Tel: +65 6349 0212 /

Stand-alone books (including online and CD-Rom versions)
Please phone or e-mail the customer service desk in Sydney who will assist or direct your query:
Phone: 1-800 263 951 (Toll free within Australia) 0-800 170 165 (Toll free to Australia from New Zealand) 02-9517 8999 (within Sydney)
Fax: 02-9517 2249 0-800 170 160 (Toll free to Australia from New Zealand)

Journal print subscriptions:
Please contact the Customer Service Department
Phone: +65 6349 0222
Fax: +65 6733 1510

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