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.... the individual subject collections are fixed during the 12 month subscription, and the Academic Complete Collection includes all the titles in the various subject collections and more as it continues to grow throughout the subscription.

Academic Complete 2005
Fixed collections
Business & Economics 2005
Career & General Education 2005
Computers, Engineering & Applied Sciences 2005
Humanities 2005
Science, Medicine, & Allied Health 2005
Social & Behavioral Sciences 2005
Offers to CAUL
ebrary 2010 proposal to CAUL for Academic Complete with DASH!T (14/5/10)
Final pricing for 2006 subscribers (1/11/05)
ebrary preliminary offer to CAUL (16/3/05)
Formal offer (received 15/4/05)
The price discounts are based on the aggregated number of FTEs - estimated price for 2005-2006 (22/6/05, updated 5/8/05)
Trials available - trial statistics (22/6/05)
Ebrary Order Terms and Conditions (8/705)

1. I'm assuming the dollar amounts are in US$ right?
AP – correct.

2. The documentation shows a renewal price increase of 20% for the Growing Collections.  What is the expected renewal price increase for the other collections should we subscribe to access?
AP – the renewal price increase will drop to 10% gradually as the subscribing FTE base increases. Expectations should be around 10-13% renewal price increase.

3.  Perpetual rights.  .... we are more interested in purchasing rebooks as monographs, and with ownership rights.
AP – perpetual rights will be available in June 2005. Perpetual rights will be priced at 100% to 150% of list price per title depending on the library’s need for unlimited simultaneous access or single user access for perpetuity (simultaneous access will have the premium price associated with it). Perpetual rights can be purchased for individual titles or complete or custom collections.

Q. I also think  think the Fixed (Subject) Collections, the Publisher Collections or the Custom Collections might be better suited to our needs. I am not clear on whether perpetual rights can be purchased for Fixed (Subject) Collections or Publisher Collections.
AP – yes the perpetual rights can be purchased for custom or fixed collections. What ever has already been paid for the collection or for the specific titles chosen will be subtracted from the perpetual rights purchase price – so that there is no double paying per title.

4. In the column providing information on perpetual rights for Custom Collections, what is the MSRP?  Where do we get the price list for individual titles?
AP – manufacturers suggested retail price (list price). Ebrary will provide all prices in June.

5. If we purchased custom titles - how do we get the MARC records?  Does ebrary gather them all up for us and send them as a package to us so we can bulk upload them to our catalogue?  We do not want to search and download them individually of course.
AP – yes ebrary will provide as a package.

6.  When is the license going to be available?
AP – subscription licenses available now. Perpetual rights expected in June 2005.

7.  If we were to subscribe rather than purchase what is the renewal cycle?  Is the first year a full year or is it pro-rated?
AP – normal subscription is a 12 months cycle. However ebrary can be flexible if the library wishes to be on a calendar year cycle. We can also provide a price incentive (discount) if the library subscribes from now until deck 31, 2006 (rather than just deck 31, 20050) and we would invoice for the remainder of 2005 now and invoice for 2006 on deck 31, 2005.

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