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Updated 17 September, 2009

Title Lists and Pricing.  (1/8/07)
East View Serials Catalog 2009 (27/9/08)
Asian Content Resources - includes Apabi and CNKI (11/11/08)
NEWS 17/9/09: Apabi eBooks:  East View highlights the Apabi eBook collection, a constantly growing library of over a half a million full-image/full-text e-book titles. The eBook collection offers online access to a vast library of non-fiction, fiction, dictionaries, children's books, encyclopedias, and much more.  Purchase through East View's Approval Plan service, in subject sets, or order title-by-title.  Apabi eBook titles may be found here (then scroll down to Apabi eBooks).  For selection assistance, including information on best-seller lists, please speak to your East View representative.
Serials 2010:  East View subscription services cover China, India, Indonesia, North Korea, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Bangladesh and Japan.  Prices for 2010 serials have been frozen at 2009 rates whenever possible. In this difficult economic environment, we understand that budgets are tight and are working to keep prices at the 2009 rates.  Download an Excel file of our serials catalog here.

East View is the western host of the China National Knowledge Infrastructure at, where over sixty subscribing institutions across the US, Canada, and Europe (excluding Australia) access CNKI.

East View is also the western host of the ‘Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China’ and the 'Encyclopedia of Taiwan,' Chinese language databases produced by Greatman Knowledge Management Group. With complete original text and illustrations, the 'Complete Classics Collection’ chronicles 5,000 years of Chinese art, literature, culture and science. The 'Encyclopedia of Taiwan' compiles 595 historical records, dictionaries, local documents, and book lists from the Taiwan Literature Series. Both of these databases are at and are also available on CD-ROM, along with the ‘Complete Treasury of Chinese Fine Art'.

East View’s flagship digital product is the Universal Databases (UDBs) of Russian/NIS Publications at UDBs provide timely, full-text access to 350 different  Russian newspapers, government publications, social science journals, national bibliography, and statistical publications; and CIS/Baltic and Ukrainian periodicals.

East View carries more than 30 print periodicals from Mongolia, in addition to our 5,000 Russia/NIS and 6,000 China and North Korea periodical offerings?  See current periodicals from Mongolia.  (3/7/07)

Current Digest of Post-Soviet Press (CDPSP).
Institutions who order CDPSP Digital Archive before September 30, 2007, will receive a discount of 15% off the one-time purchase list price.  (1/8/07)

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