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DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music)

Updated 7 October, 2009

DRAM Resources Description (7/12/06)

DRAM uses Carnegie classifications in order to maintain fairness across all institutions participating in the project. DRAM has your Carnegie Classifications on record, and if you are in Canada, we will typically use your JSTOR/ARTstor classification.
Becoming a DRAM Participant (5/12/06)
Carnegie Classifications and Fees (15/8/08)

Pricing and discounts for CAUL for 2010, unchanged from 2009 (15/8/08, updated 7/10/09)
Pricing and discounts for CAUL for 2008 (27/6/07)

DRAM license agreement (15/8/08)

Technical Support:  Contact Tyler Sinclair.
Update 13/9/07.  Re technical problems with ezproxy servers:
We actually know what these problems were and how to solve them – basically, the firewalls for many of the institutions there are just set in such a way so that the Darwin Streaming Server traffic can’t get through until the IT staff of each institution bypasses us, which they can easily (well, theoretically!) do by putting DRAM in the network bypass table. There are two public addresses needed for that:
The public addresses are:
....we may be able to implement a workaround by the end of this year – basically, if we move from Darwin streaming to “progressive downloading” which runs over a different port so this step becomes unnecessary.
Update 7/9/07:  We now have basic DRAM statistics and I have posted these to:
A downloadable Excel version is available on this page.  Please note these statistics do not include Shibboleth or username/password accesses because our current system does not allow us to gather those statistics.
Update 31/7/07:
Our migration testing is now complete, and please use going forward, if you have not already made this change. We are able to track usage statistics at our new address and are maintaining only this site, so it is important to use it going forward.
Instructions for proxy server settings are available at:
Update 19/7/07:
1. Permalinks: the beginning of the syntax is different ( instead of The old NYU links will work after we migrate, but it is best to use the new links.
2. Proxy servers: instructions for EZProxy and Innovative are available at:
If [anyone] needs assistance with another kind of proxy, we can try to help to get things working.
3. Log-in screen: Users will soon no longer have to click an extra page to logon if they are within a valid IP range. This was a remnant of the original Shibboleth system, which most participants are not using. We are therefore simplifying logon.
Because development is now in-house, we hope to have basic statistics ready by around September (or earlier) and a Flash player by early next year at the latest.

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