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When sending emails regarding any technical issues, please also cc to the CAUL Office
Sales Contact:  Kevin Serpanchy, Regional Sales Manager, CSA & RefWorks
Building C3, 85 Turner Street, Port Melbourne, Vic 3207
Phone: +61 3 8645 0351  Fax: +61 3 8645 0368

Scholar UniverseProvides direct access to more than 1 million active researchers working in over 200 disciplines and 8 countries.
PapersInvited is a multidisciplinary alerting service for calls for papers for upcoming conferences and special issues of scholarly journals.
COS Funding Opportunities™ provides more than 22,000 records representing more than $33 billion in grants, fellowships, prizes, and more.
COS Research Support Suite - offer to CAUL for 2009 (5/9/08)
ProQuest licence (5/9/08)
Offer to CAUL/CEIRC for CSA Research Tools (Community of Scholars, PapersInvited, COS Funding Opportunities™) (10/11/06)

RefWorks: Your personal online database and bibliography creator
2008-2009 Offer to CAUL (5/9/08)
2006 RefWorks Enhanced Offer for CAUL/CEIRC members (10/11/06)
2005 Offer to CAUL (28/10/05)
RefWorks Registration Form:
RefWorks Terms and Conditions:
2003 Offer to CAUL   (4/2/03)  Letter to members ; Pilot pricing; Subscription pricing

BHA and Avery - Pricing from CSA (13/9/05)
CSA Illustrata: Natural Sciences contains over 1,200,000 indexed objects from more than 1,000 peer-reviewed journals. It is also the first in a series of CSA Illustrata databases of searchable tables, figures, graphs, charts and other illustrations from the scholarly research and technical literature. (12/11/07)
World Political Science Abstracts - Offer to CAUL (25/10/04)
MLA International Bibliography. See Pricing from CSA.  (from January, 2006, selling through CSA, from August 2007, selling through ProQuest SerialsSolutions)

Aquatic Science & Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA)
(Offer received 21 November, closes 30 December, 2001)

Special offer received 1 May 2001, included in host pricing for PsycINFO.
Please note the following:
We have waived the access fee for any current IDS subscribers to the Complete Collection or Sociological Abstracts.  This accounts for 8 institutions.
Any institution that decides to subscribe to Sociological Abstracts will have the PsycINFO access fee waived and we have provided discount prices for subscriptions to Sociological Abstracts.
I have also put together additional databases in the Social Sciences area at discounted prices.  (Political Science & Government Abstracts and e-psyche)

Offer from CSA for 2001, free trial to 15 December, offer closes 15 December 2000.

Offer for a specially bundled social sciences database collection including: CSA Sociological Abstracts (current year to 1963), ERIC (current year to 1964), Social Service Database, a new database on social work, and two current awareness databases, Web Resources Database and Recent References Database - offered 8 September, 1999 - offer closes 15 October, 1999.

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