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CQ Global Researcher plus Archive
Political Reference Suite of Online Editions:
. Political Handbook of the World
. CQ Historic Documents Series (all editions 1972-2006)
. Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion
. Contemporary Middle East
CQ Almanac (1945-2006)
World PowerBase:
.Profiles of Worldwide Government Leaders
.Worldwide Directory of Defense Authorities
.Worldwide Government Directory with International Organizations

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CQ Researcher
CQ Global Researcher
CQ Weekly
The CQ Collections
CQ Congress Collection
CQ Voting & Elections
CQ Supreme Court Collection
CQ e-books description (20/6/07)
CQ Congress & the Nation (1st-11the Editions covering 1945-2001)
CQ Supreme Court Yearbook Series (1989-2006)
Politics in America 2008
Washington Information Directory 2007-2008
Vital Statistics on American Politics

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