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Updated 23 March 2007

The Cochrane Library Online (via Wiley)
All residents of Australia with access to the Internet can access The Cochrane Library for free, thanks to funding provided by the Australian Government and administered by the National Institute of Clinical Studies. (23/3/07)
The Cochrane Library can still be accessed directly at It can also be accessed through the NICS site: - the benefit to this method is that the User Guide sits alongside the Library when going via NICS. (24/1/06)
.... both versions of the Library will remain live until the end of December 2004. After that time the Cochrane Library will no longer be available via the Update Software site. The final issue of Update Software's CD-ROM version of The Cochrane Library was published in July 2005. Wiley and Sons, who took over publication of the Internet version of The Cochrane Library at the beginning of 2005, is now also responsible for the CD version. Update Software will continue to manage the data for both versions until spring 2006. (12/1/06)

Cochrane Collaboration  | Australasian Cochrane Centre

The Cochrane Library Online (via HCN)  HCN was contracted with Wiley for distribution and the Update platform is available until the Wiley platform replaced it. The databases in The Cochrane Library currently are included in the new version.

What is the Cochrane Library?
The best single source of reliable evidence about the effects of health care - The Cochrane Library - now available online! For the first time you can access the complete Cochrane Library Online, through HCN's Web site. Through an annual subscription to The Cochrane Library with HCN, you can be sure that you have access to the latest officially published evidence to support the practice of evidence based medicine. If you are involved in any aspect of health care and you need to keep up-to-date, you will want to have access to the Cochrane Library. If you believe that decisions should be informed by the results of research, we predict that you will find the contents of The Cochrane Library helpful. We think that it is the best single source of reliable evidence about the effects of health care in the world. If information relevant to your needs cannot be found in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, then you will often find relevant material in The Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness. And if there are no relevant systematic reviews of research evidence yet available in either of these two databases, then you will almost always find relevant studies among the tens of thousands of records in The Cochrane Controlled Trials Register. All of these resources are part of The Cochrane Library. Prepared by contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration, an international network of individuals committed to 'preparing, maintaining, and disseminating systematic reviews of the effects of health care'.

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CAUL Consortium Pricing for 2004 (Subscribers' renewal information) (updated 22/10/03)

We are pleased to inform you that pricing from HCN for The Cochrane Library will match the published Wiley pricing.
For an Institutional site licence, the price is US$440 for 1 concurrent user, and US$88 per additonal user.
These prices are without GST and valid to June 30, 2004.
Users  USD
10  1232
Superseded 22/10/03 Licence fee Service Fee GST TOTAL
Cochrane - 1 user $510.32 $25.52 $53.58  $589.42
Cochrane - 2 users  $826.81 $41.34  $86.82  $954.97
Cochrane - 3 users $1,104.91 $55.25 $116.02 $1,276.17
Cochrane - 4 users $1,156.41 $57.82  $121.42 $1,335.66
Cochrane  - 5 users $1,293.12  $64.66 $135.78 $1,493.56
Cochrane - 6 users $1,416.25 $70.81 $148.71 $1,635.77
Cochrane - 10 users  $2,586.25 $129.31 $271.56 $2,987.12

CAUL Consortium Pricing for 2003

(Updated 5/9/02)  All pricing has remained the same as last year, save that the HCN services fee has been affixed. This fee is now affixed to all KR orders (both renewal and new) and covers the technical furnishing/aggregating/maintaining of the breadth of KR content to customers.  This includes the work of the HCN Canberra Data Centre, which houses our KR servers and ensures delivery and 24 hour support of all purchased content, all of which services are not covered by the raw database costs.  The fee also covers help desk, IP/Password management, facilities management/reliability/redundancy/backups etc which, again, are all operations necessary to deliver KR content; but which are not covered by the cost for the resources themselves.

The fee was instituted by HCN in October, 2001 (just after the CAUL's renewal last year).  It is calculated at 5% of the pre-GST total if the order involves a single resource from a single supplier.  If the order involves multiple resources from multiple suppliers, it is then calculated at 10% of the pre-GST total.  This means that for the CAUL Cochrane renewal, the HCN services fee is $48.74 AUD per/Uni. (5% of pre-GST total of $18,521.44 AUD = $926.07 AUD/19 Uni.'s = $48.74/Uni.  Please note that the fee is mandatory an all HCN Knowledge Resources orders.
Anne Walsh
Major Accounts Manager
Knowledge Resources
Health Communication Network
Email:   Mob: 0403 384 013  Tel: +61 2 9906 6633

Renewal ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY - 5 USERS 1,255.46 125.54 $ 1,381.00 
Renewal AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY - 1 USER 495.46 49.54 $ 545.00 
Renewal CHRISTCHURCH P.- 2 users  802.73 NA (N.Z.)* $ 802.73 
Renewal CURTIN - 5 users  1,255.46 125.54 $ 1,381.00 
NEW GRIFFITH - 2 users  802.73 80.27 $ 883.00 
NEW MONASH UNI - 1 user 495.46 49.54 $ 545.00
Renewal QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - 3 USERS 1,072.73 107.27 $ 1,180.00 
Renewal ROYAL MELBOURNE INST. TECHNOLOGY - 2 USERS 802.73 80.27 $ 883.00 
Renewal SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - 1 USER 495.46 49.54 $ 545.00 
Renewal CANBERRA UNI - 2 users
Renewal UNI OF NEWCASTLE AUCHMUTY LIBRARY - 4 USERS 1,122.73 112.27 $ 1,235.00 
Renewal UNI OF QUEENSLAND - 10 users  2,510.92 251.09 $ 2,762.00 
Renewal UNI OF SA- 5 users  1,255.46 125.54 $ 1,381.00 
Renewal UNIVERSITY OF BALLARAT - 1 USER 495.46 49.54 $ 545.00 
Renewal UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND - 2 USERS 802.73 80.27 $ 883.00 
Renewal UNIVERSITY OF W. SYD.- 6 USERS 1,375.00 137.50 $ 1,512.50 
Renewal VU - 2 users 802.73 80.27 $ 883.00 
NEW WAIKATO INST. OF TECH - 3 users 1,072.73 NA (N.Z.)* $ 1,072.73 
  HCN services (5% of pre-GST total which is 926.07 AUD which = $48.74 additionally per Uni.) 926.07    
  Order totals 20,250.24 1584.26 20908.42

Proposed CAUL pricing 2000:
Under this the text is as follows: Consortia pricing arrangements for the Cochrane Library will depend on the number of interested Universities that wish to purchase. However, the following estimations have been made as a general indication of cost. All prices are in AUD and are per annum subscriptions. Please be sure to distribute information on the Cochrane Library to all Medical, Health, Nursing, and Allied Health Librarians within the University.

Note that usually a one concurrent user Cochrane Subscription is $1250 AUD pa.

 *  If all Universities wish to purchase:
    Access to pool of 50 users @ cost of $550 to each site.
 *  If 30 Universities wish to purchase:
    Access to pool of 30 users @ cost of $600 to each site.
 *  If 20 Universities wish to purchase:
    Access to pool of 20 users @ cost of $650 to each site.
 *  If 10 Universities wish to purchase:
    Access to pool of 10 users @ cost of $700 to each site.

Updated pricing 6 September 2000 (from Kim Hockey):
I have forwarded to you the final pricing information.  This has been broken up into 1,2,3 and 4 simultaneous user options.  The prices have been based on the following Universities expressing an interest.

ANU, QUT, Ballarat, UCan, UNE, UNewcastle, VUW and AUT.

I have spoken with the Uni of Canberra who already subscribe to Cochrane through HCN, so they would not need to 'buy in' until their renewal is due in November.

The prices below are ready to be distributed, and all that I require to get started is:
Institution full name, contact name, billing address and all contact details.
Number of users required.

I will then contact each user personally to get their IP ranges to be set up etc.

A detailed invoice will then be sent to the CAUL office covering the purchase.

The pricing options are as follows:

1 simultaneous user:    $450 AUD pa total
2 simultaneous users:   $780 AUD pa total
3 simultaneous users:   $1050 AUD pa total
4 simultaneous users:   $1300 AUD pa total

Please note that this is set up differently to what was originally proposed.  Rather than sharing a pool of users with other Universities, the individual  University will have their own number of licences just for themselves. Hence, each Uni will need to tell us how many users they want (up to 4 have been quoted above).

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