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Updated 25 April, 2009

Technical and Sales Contact for CAUL:  Victor An, CNKI Overseas Distribution Division, Tongfang Knowledge Network Co. Ltd.
Free Trial available. Request from CNKI.  (15/7/08)
CNKI User Guide (16/7/08)

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Annual Remote Access Pricing for China Academic Journals (CAJ) (5/9/06, updated 23/11/07)
 China Academic Journals (CAJ)
     List & Consortium Prices 1994-2008 - F titles (2/3/09)
    List & Consortium Prices 1994-2008 - F titles (16/7/08)
     List & Consortium Prices 2004
 China Core Newspapers (CCN) - List & Consortium Prices (10/2/04)
 China Monograph (CMD)
 China Fundamental Education Databases (CFED)
 China Hospital Knowledge Databases (CHKD)
 China Doctoral /Master's Dissertation (CDMD) - List & Consortium Prices (10/2/04)
 China Conference Proceedings (CCP)

New Databases. (15/7/08)
China Yearbook Fulltext database (CYFD) - CAUL pricing & title information (16/7/08, updated 2/3/09)
China Reference Works online (CRWO) - CAUL pricing & title information (16/7/08, updated 2/3/09))
Trial available to 30/6/08 (16/7/08)

Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Licence (new name, 2/3/09)
CNKI license (16/7/08)
CAJ License (with Griffith amendment, (17/10/06)

Asian Content Resources from East View Information Services - includes Apabi and CNKI (11/11/08)
East View FAQ on CNKI (2/3/09)

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