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CISTI Document Delivery

NRC-CISTI and Infotrieve Collaboration Ottawa, ON, October 7, 2009 - NRC-CISTI, Canada's national science library is changing and we are energized by the possibilities as we move forward in the transformation process announced in February 2009.
We are pleased to announce that Infotrieve, Inc, a leader in information center technology development and document delivery for more than 20 years, will be collaborating with NRC-CISTI on providing document delivery services for our clients and business partners. Infotrieve will be acting on NRC-CISTI's behalf within Canada and will be providing exclusive services to our US and International clients. The transition will begin immediately and the process will be completed by March 31, 2010. (See also the FAQ)

Technical Contact/s: if you need immediate answers to any questions please contact our Client Registration group or the CISTI Help Desk for more information.
Sales contact: Christine Midwinter (12/11/09)

CAUL-CISTI Registration Form  (for new CISTI DD subscribers, & for those who wish to amend details) (updated 11/12/03)
CISTI Billing Details (from March, 2003)
Update 19/3/08:  From May 1, 2008 CAUL's prices will be US$11.90 for electronic and US$31.45 for non-electronic - large volume discount has been reduced to 15%.
Update 23/2/07: CAUL will receive a 20% discount on all Direct Service and Urgent Service copies from April 1, 2007 through March 31, 2008.  Also, the base price of our Direct document delivery service will not increase for 2007/08 and will remain at $12.50.
Your Direct Service discounted prices, effective April 1, 2007 will be:
Copies ordered electronically and delivered by fax or Ariel    $10.00 + copyright + Urgent surcharge (if applicable)
Copies not ordered electronically or delivered by courier    $26.40 + copyright + Urgent surcharge (if applicable)
To remain eligible for this discount next year CAUL libraries must receive at least 10,000 documents from CISTI over the next twelve months.
Frequently Asked Questions
CISTI Price List for Products and Services 2008-2009 (21/3/09)

DIRECT Supply from CISTI Collection Order by / Delivery by Price US$ 
(effective 1 April, 2008)
CAUL Price US$ 
@ 15% discount for aggregate of 10,000 copies per annum
(effective 1 May, 2008) 
Copies Copies ordered electronically and delivered by fax, Ariel or Secure Desktop Delivery (SDD)  $14+ copyright $11.90 + copyright + Urgent surcharge (if applicable) 
  Copies not ordered electronically or delivered by courier  $37 + copyright $31.45 + copyright + Urgent surcharge (if applicable)
Loans (one month) Courier $45  $45
-- lost or damaged books   $200 $200
-- overdue books   $1 per day $1 per day
-- renewals $10
Extended Supply Service  Copies ordered electronically and delivered by fax or Ariel  $24 USD plus applicable copyright
Loans $60 USD 
Renewals $10
eBook Loans $25
Urgent service add $20 USD surcharge 

Urgent Document Delivery Service
Clients who require guaranteed, fast delivery of their documents can use CISTI's Urgent Document Delivery Service.  Urgent Service features a guaranteed 2-hour turnaround time for delivery by Ariel or fax, and ensures special handling of your order.
Note: The $20 service fee applies to all Global Service requests, regardless of whether the document can be supplied.  The cost to CISTI of obtaining these documents, including copyright, is then added to the base service fee.  The total price can be anywhere from $20 and up.  If the total price is higher than $50, we contact you for authorization.  There is a charge for lost or damaged books.  Prices do not include applicable taxes.
Note: The Custom Services fee is added to normal delivery charges and copyright fees. Custom Services do not include applicable taxes.

Discount structure for CISTI Source
# of Subscriptions % Discount
3-4 10%
5-9 15%
10-14 20%
15+ 25%
Subscription discounts are for similar account type. For example, if there is CAUL interest for 10 "group library intermediary" accounts each group account of $625 US/year would be discounted 20% each.  In addition, if there was interest in 8 site license accounts, then each of these would receive a 15% discount from the $5000 US/year.
Frequently Asked Questions. (28/10/05, updated 21/3/09)
Q.  Why have copyright fees been charged on our account?

A.  Unlike our other electronic methods of delivery (Ariel, e-mail and fax) CISTI must charge applicable copyright fees set by the rights-holders for documents supplied by SDD.  Please see our FAQ on Secure Desktop Delivery (SDD)

The price of the document and the estimated copyright fee appear on the order confirmation page when you order through CISTI's Web Catalogue.  This is to allow clients to cancel the order if the estimated price is above what they are willing to pay.  Both the document fee and copyright fee also appear on the cover sheet that accompanies each document.

No copyright charges apply for your library with e-mail delivery as TIFF images.   I am enclosing a Word document that explains e-mail delivery from CISTI.

You may change the method of delivery to Ariel or fax on our registration page at

You can choose a maximum cost limit for each order.  You may also request a maximum cost level to be used as a default on your account as well.  For instance, if you request a $10 max cost default on your account we will not fill any requests that cost more than $10.  This would exclude all Urgents, Colour, Link, Global and Custom orders.  For an explanation of our service levels please see

Please note that you are receiving the 20% CAUL discount on the Direct level of service so instead of $12 US per document you are paying $9.60 US.

Q. "if for some reason the magic 10,000 annual figure was not reached by the CAUL aggregation, highly unlikely on the figures you have quoted so far but.....would the libraries who had registered in the deal be charged at the higher rate for all the requests they had  submitted that year? ie. will we only pay the $8.00 if the 10,000 is not reached for some reason or will we face a top-up invoice of the remaining $2.00?"

A.  [NKrym]: Typically CISTI offers discounts to our document delivery clients based upon the number of filled Direct Supply orders over a one-year period. Then the discount level is applied for the following twelve months.  This is an annual activity, with new discount levels set for our fiscal year, April 1, 2003 to March 31, 2004.  In the situation of CAUL all participants will receive the 20% discount therefore $8.00 USD for the entire time period until March 31, 2004.  The discount level is given on past usage assuming the usage pattern will continue.  If there has been a drastic change, then we would adjust the discount level, but only for orders placed after the discount level has been changed.

Q.  Does the discount apply to only the basic service or to other services such as urgent request fees?

A. [NKrym]:  The discount applies to the CISTI's Direct Supply service for copies (not loans). Direct Supply copies are provided from the collections of CISTI and the Canadian Agriculture Library. Discounts do not apply to any other Document Delivery services, such as Urgent Service, Link Supply, Global Supply etc. Note that copyright is an additional charge, and is not discounted.

Q.  "We would like to ensure that there is no loss of information in these invoices (transaction no; date; reference no etc)"

A.  [NKrym]: Yes all the transaction information that clients currently receive in their invoice will continue to be sent.  Instead of being sent directly to the library, ... the Consortia Manager will receive all these reports.  It will then be [CAUL's] responsibility to re-distribute them to your members. The transaction information on the Invoice includes: Transaction Date; CISTI Transaction Number; Type of Service (eg Copy, Urgent Handling Charge...) Requester's Reference Number (Information added to "Your Order No./Client's Name" field on the CISTI order template); Journal Title.

I am working on producing some sample invoices to send you. Basically, you will receive all the invoice and statements that the CAUL members currently receive directly.  In addition to help add all the charges from the many accounts from the individual CAUL members, you will receive an excel spreadsheet, which will summarize the account number, invoice number, organization name and charges.  I have altered one from another consortia so you can understand what you will be receiving.

Q.  What changes do current users of the service need to make to order documents through CISTI - or will all the changes be at the CISTI end?

A.  [NKrym]:None!  CISTI will handle the transfer of "billing point" for existing CISTI clients for their current address to the CAUL Office. CISTI account numbers and passwords for existing CAUL clients will not change.

Q.  What information do you require from us in order to set up the processing?

A.  [NKrym]: To ensure authorization for additional or future accounts, it is always helpful to a have a contact person in each institution. This is useful when institutions initiate end-user unmediated ordering and the library wants to ensure that the end-user has the permission to order from CISTI under this consortia agreement.  I have mocked up a spreadsheet for contact information.  If you already have this info in an spreadsheet, could you forward it to me and then I can adapt it here?

For new CISTI accounts, to ensure that they are recognized as part of this consortia discount, I will customize a CISTI Registration Form, and send as a Word attachment.  This form can be distributed to the contact person in each institution.  Once completed it can be emailed or faxed back to CISTI.   This form has been adapted to meet the varying needs of different consortia.  Some consortia want to have an authorizing name and or signature on the form.  Do you want this authorization information on CAUL's registration form or just the contact name for the institution that you have already submitted to CISTI?  Let me know your comments on this draft registration form or any additional information you want to add.

Q.  Is it possible to send some examples of the information that CAUL would receive for invoicing, and that the institutions would receive for their internal charging mechanisms?

A.  [NKrym]: I will fax you copies of typical "Invoice" (Describes the charge and order information for each transaction (CISTI order) and "Statement of Account" (cumulates the charges for which payment is remitted).  Each invoice and statement, will clearly identify the specific library, which will easily facilitate your re-distribution tasks.  Currently, these invoices and statements are in paper format, but to assist in the task of adding the individual invoices for the single payment to CISTI, we will send you monthly a spreadsheet with the individual invoice numbers, the applicable charges and then the summation amount. Also a paper copy of this spreadsheet should accompany the payment to CISTI to ensure that payment is matched correctly to specific invoice numbers.

Q.  How soon can we start?

A. [NKrym]: Is April 1, 2003 okay for the 20% discount level?  Our client registration staff have some work in changing the billing address and adding discount levels to the existing accounts. Also April 1, 2003 is the beginning of our fixing discount levels for all CISTI clients. But you could certainly distribute the registration form for new clients, who can start ordering once they receive their CISTI account number and password which is usually within a day of receiving their registration form. New registrations can begin immediately.

CISTI Billing Details (from March, 2003)

Invoices will be sent on a quarterly basis to each institution based on the details in the following spreadsheets.  The invoices will be created by CAUL, and payment is due to CAUL, which will make payments to CISTI on behalf of all institutions.

[You] should use CISTI's Order Tracker to verify .... CISTI orders and costs.  [You] may logon with [your] CISTI account name and password at to see ... orders.  [You] may search by date, order numbers, title of request, client name, etc. to confirm status and costs of .... orders. (Christine Midwinter 6/5/04, updated 21/3/09)

Order Tracker: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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