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Updated 23 December, 1998
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This concept is to allow members of the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)/Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)/ and the Council of New Zealand University Libraries (CONZUL) and selected vendors to be able to communicate with each other about existing electronic products and product developments on an annual basis. CEIRC will call for expressions of interest from a wide range of vendors to be involved in the process of the ‘Market Day’. A selection of vendors will be chosen to participate on the "day". They will be selected according to a range of criteria defined by CEIRC, in consultation with CAUL, CSIRO and CONZUL.

CEIRC will offer the vendors its purchasing power, and perhaps a reduction/slowing of the cancellation of subscriptions and/or a substitution of electronic for print subscriptions. It can also offer centralised coordination of proposals and trials, and coordinated subscription management. This process will also enable vendors to more closely mesh in with the collection and delivery mechanisms of the libraries who belong to CEIRC. It is not intended to deny vendors direct access to this marketplace but rather to facilitate long-term partnerships between libraries and vendors.


It is proposed to conduct the first CEIRC "Market Day" over the period November - January, 1997/98 up to the time of the Online Conference (Sydney, 19-21 January 1999). The timing is broadly outlined below.

The trial period prior to the "Market Day" should allow maximum access by library staff and selected users to permit evaluation of products, and so should not clash with the peaks of semester workloads. It is suggested that the period in November/December be available for trials by CEIRC members of vendor product offerings. The number of trials will be carefully managed to avoid problems associated with too many trials within a short period of time.



The "Market Day" should be cost neutral to CEIRC, so any costs in meeting the vendors live should be borne by the vendors. Shortlisted participants will be expected to pay only their own expenses, including the trial access to their datasets.


The CEIRC committee will evaluate vendor submissions to select those who will go into the November/December trials and the January negotiations in the light of the criteria listed below.


Vendors may offer new or existing (re-packaged) products.

It is Essential

It is Highly Desirable It is Desirable EVALUATION PROCESS

Feedback from Datasets Coordinators will be sought at the end of the trial period, to provide guidance for CEIRC in the final evaluation of products.


The object of the ‘Market Day’ is to create a meeting ‘place’ for libraries and vendors. To this end, CEIRC requests proposals for various product offerings from interested vendors by 18 September 1998. CEIRC will evaluate the proposals according to the stated criteria. We require a commitment by each vendor that free access to pilots would be available during the prescribed period. In addition we require information on the pricing of each product and the preferred currency of payment.

Phase 0.
Alert potential vendors to the "Market Day" outlining background and intent.
(June 1998)

Phase 1.
CEIRC will call for expressions of interest from a specified list of vendors, detailing guidelines for application by the vendors, including types of services required.
(18 September 1998 closing date)

Phase 2.
CAUL Office will coordinate vendor responses to each product, and produce a checklist of vendors, products costings and service agreements, which will allow CEIRC members to evaluate offerings.
(26 September 1998)

Phase 3.
CEIRC will select vendors based on the specified selection criteria. Vendors will allow free trial access to their product for a minimum of four weeks ( preferably in November and December ) leading up to the "Market Day".
(11 October 1998, CEIRC meeting Sydney, prior to CAUL meeting)

Phase 4.
Dataset Coordinators will advise CEIRC of the success of the Access Trials and of their preferences for products and services.
(18 December 1998)

Phase 5.
Vendors will make themselves available for questions, discussion and, if appropriate, negotiation from CEIRC members.
(c. 15-22 January 1999, probably Friday before.)

Phase 6.
CEIRC will make all final offers available to its members by 1 March 1999. The CEIRC staff will coordinate the responses and final notification of vendors.

CEIRC will, upon request, provide a debriefing for interested vendors in April 1999.

Phase 8.
It is expected that CEIRC members will notify the CEIRC office by 1 April 1999 of their final decisions for the year 2000.

19 August, 1998

Vendor Response Summary
Vendor Company Name:
Representative for January 1999 negotiations Name: 



Product (one product per form)  
Value Complies (Y/N) Criteria
Essential   that the focus of the offerings be on serial full-text products or bibliographic products which link directly to the full-text
"   that discount related to the volume of subscriptions from CEIRC members be provided
"   that free trial access to the service can be provided during the period leading up to the "Market Day", preferably November/ December
"   that the ICOLC/CEIRC principles for the purchase of digital resources be used as the basis for negotiations with successful vendors
"   that appropriate response time standards be met, or else an Australian mirror site be established
"   that the electronic licence authorises all valid members of an institution to gain access through the web, regardless of their location
    that the electronic archive is available to CEIRC at negligible cost following cancellation of subscriptions; it is highly desirable that the archive is owned by the subscibers
Highly desirable   that previous consortium deals be expanded or improved with other CEIRC partners
"   that provision is made for access by off-campus users (authenticated)
"   that vendors be prepared to be part of a single sign-on (authentication) system
"   that product prices be structured by the number of simultaneous users
"   that the interface be web-based, or at least a standard Z39.50 interface
"   that full-text titles may be made accessible directly from each institution’s OPAC
"   that individual electronic products be available as an aggregated set or on an individual basis
"   that there is no binding relationship between the maintenance of print subscriptions and availability of the same titles in electronic form
"   that further discounts be available for longer term subscription commitments
"   that quotes be in Australian dollars
Desirable   that Australian content be included
Consortium Price Number of Simultaneous Users
AU$ 1
Other Comments 


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Contact for further information: Steve.O’ or phone +61 2 9514 3332 or phone +61 2 6249 2990

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