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Updated 5 March, 2010
The Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee Standing Committee on Information Resources established the Database Access Working Group primarily to advise on the expenditure of $5m awarded to Australian university libraries for infrastructure developments by the Federal Government's National Priority (Reserve) Fund in 1994-7. $2m was directed towards database services. At the completion of the program, CAUL elected to continue with the program to monitor, review and evaluate electronic database services, and reconstituted the committee with new Terms of Reference and revised membership qualifications.

CEIRC Working Documents

CEIRC Planning
The CEIRC Strategic Directions were approved by CAUL in September, 2004.
CEIRC Operational plan 2007-2008 - (updated 18/4/07)
CEIRC 2006 Operational Plan - Heather Gordon (22/3/06)

CEIRC Statement of Benefits 2008 - Greg Anderson (9/3/09)
CEIRC Statement of Benefits 2007 - Andrew Wells (20/3/08)
Report of achievement agains the 2006 plan - Andrew Wells

CEIRC Risk Assessment. Prepared by G. Cribb & H. Gordon ed by C. Anderson. (Version of 16/11/07)
Return on Investment (ROI) Framework for E-Resources Negotiated by CEIRC - Heather Gordon (1/12/05)

CEIRC Operations
Participation of external organisations in the CEIRC program was formally recognised in 2000, and closed following the CEIRC review in 2007..
Policy for payment of invoices to CAUL.
CAUL/CEIRC offers - placing orders and paying invoices (20/7/05)
CEIRC annual renewals (publisher/product portfolio, updated 5/3/10)

Datasets Coordinators
FAQ for CEIRC Datasets Coordinators (2/10/05)
Roles and Responsibilities of Datasets Coordinators and CEIRC Members. CEIRC Operational Plan Item 4.3  (5/10/05)
Proposal for mentors for Datasets Coordinators (27/6/08) + List of Mentors and Mentees (17/2/10) - Alison Neil

Licence & e-Resource Management Tools & Services

CEIRC Review
CEIRC Review RFQ Document. Final  2 August 2007 Drafted by Andrew Wells (2/8/07)
CEIRC Review - consultants report (final) (2/1/08)
CEIRC Review - Executive Committee recommendations vis a vis consultants report  (28/2/08)
CEIRC Review 1999 - Report on a Review of CEIRC for the CAUL Executive [by] Edward Lim, Margaret Macpherson, Madeleine McPherson (2/2/99)

Members of the Committee (2010):

Andrew Wells (University Librarian, University of New South Wales, CAUL Executive nominee 2005-2007, 2010), Chair 2007, 2010
Anne Horn (University Librarian, Deakin University), representing CAUL 2008-2011
Philip Kent (University Librarian, Victoria University), representing CAUL 2007-2010

Sue Dowling (Murdoch University) Datasets Coordinator 2003-2004, 2010 (casual vacancy)
Robert Stafford (Monash University) Datasets Coordinator 2010-2011

Ross Hallett  (University Librarian, University of Waikato) representing CONZUL from August 31, 2009-
Secretary: Diane Costello (Executive Officer, CAUL) CEIRC secretary 1998-

Members of the Committee (pre-2010):

Records of Meetings of the Committee. [restricted access]

Other Committee Activity, Papers & Presentations

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