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NEWS 7/7/09:   Brill refrains from price increases for certain subscription types in 2010. The EURO electronic-only price and the US$ electronic+print price will not increase; the US$ electronic-only price will even decrease by 7% (1). Furthermore, Brill re-introduces the print-only option at 110% of the electronic-only list price for those customers that have not registered for online access. The combined electronic+print price is set at 120% of electronic-only.

Brill Imprints
Hotei Publishing
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

Technical Support.
NEWS:  Brill is only available via Ingenta. (21/10/05)
Sales responsibility for Australia/New Zealand:  Veronica van Nieuwenhuyzen, International Sales Director, BRILL Leiden The Netherlands Tel:++31-71-5353426 (24/3/09)

Brill Journal Archive Online License Agreement (29/8/09)
Brill Online Database Annual Subscription Agreement (1/5/09)
Brill Online Database Outright Purchase Agreement (1/5/09, updated 1/12/09) Amendment requested (QUT, 22/11/09)

Single Institution Outright Purchase License Agreement (24/3/09)
Single Institution Annual Fee License Agreement (24/3/09)

Online Database Purchase Agreement - Brill's Online Reference Works  (25/4/08)
Sample Licence (19/6/07) and associated terms and conditions.

Brill Journal and Archive Online License Agreement (25/8/08)
Licence - Standard terms & conditions that apply to ingenta. (4/10/07)
DRAFT consortium licence (14/2/06)
DRAFT licence (3/9/04)

Brill eBook Collections.
Humanities & Social Sciences - offer to CAUL (via DA, 15/12/09)
Brill eBooks Titles list 2007-2009 (15/12/09)
The Outright Purchase Agreement applies in this case.

Brill eJournals & Archives.
Brill Journal Archive Online
Brill Law Journal Archive Online
Brill Humanities Journal Archive Online
Brill Social Sciences Journal Archive Online
Brill Science Journal Archive Online
Brill 2008 Journal Prices (2/8/07)
BRILL 2007 Journal Price List (14/7/06) also at

Brill Journal Archive Online - Collections - titles (29/8/09)
Brill CEIRC Journal Titles 2010 (29/8/09)
Brill eJournals 2009 titles list - current 92 plus new 11 (25/8/08)
Brill Journal Archive Online - Collections - Titles (4/10/07)
2008 Brill e-journals title list (4/10/07)
Package 1 of 95 titles & Package 2 of new titles released in 2007 and 2007
2006 Package 1 titles list (14/9/06)
Brill/Woodhead 2005 titles with URLs (21/9/05) and titles excluded from the CAUL offer (4/11/05)
Brill/Woodhead 2004 titles with URLs

Update 3/12/09: The Archives and eRef hosting fees have been lowered to EUR 100 per year effective from 2010.
2010 offer to CAUL (via DA Information Services, 29/8/09, updated 15/9/09)
2009 offer to CAUL (via DA Information Services, 25/8/08)
2008 Offer for Brill eJournals and Brill eJournal Archive (via DA Information Services, 4/10/07)
2007 Offer for Brill eJournals (via DA Information Services, 14/9/06)
CEIRC holdings & 2007 pricing for potential subscribers (14/9/06)
Offer to CAUL for 2006 (via DA Information Services, 21/9/05) Revised offer (4/11/05)
Details of costs for cross-access to Brill Journals for 2006 (21/9/05)
List of Brill subscribers for 2006 (14/12/05)
Offer to CAUL for Brill/Woodhead journals (3/8/04) [update 29/11/04]

Brill offers to CAUL (via DA, updated 23/3/09)

2009 Hague Academy Collected Courses Online (23/3/09)
2008 Hague Academy Collected Courses Online - online access to over 80 years of the history of international law to students and researchers. (via DA, 25/4/08)
2009 Human Rights Documents Online  (offer updated 23/3/09)
2008 Human Rights Documents Online - online access to fulltext documents from 417 non-governmental  human rights organizations (NGOs) worldwide covering more than 25 years (1980 onwards). (via DA, 25/4/08)
2009 IDC Digital Library (via DA, 27/3/09)
2008 IDC Digital Library - IDC’s thematic Primary Sources Online Collections contain unique materials, such as rare books and archival documents from libraries and archives around the world. These are “closed” archival collections now made available online. They are essential tools for researchers in the humanities and the social sciences. (via DA, 25/4/08)
Brill eReference Products
Offer to CAUL for BRILL eReference Works for 2010 (via DA, 21/7/09)
Africa Yearbook NEW in 2007!
Index Islamicus NEW in 2007!
Brill Dictionary of Religion NEW in 2007!
Dictionary of Gnosis & Western Esotericism NEW in 2009!
Encyclopaedia of Islam Online NEW third edition released in 2007!
Encyclopedia of Judaism NEW in 2007!
Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an Online
Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures NEW in 2007!
Jacoby Online NEW in 2007!
New Pauly Online
World Christian Database NEW in 2008!
Offer to CAUL for BRILL eReference Works for 2009 (via DA, 19/8/08)
Offer to all CEIRC members - BRILL eReference Works (19/6/07)
Offer to all CEIRC members - BRILL eReference Works (11/8/06)
Brill Academic Publishers. New Pauly online. Licence (11/8/06)
Brill Academic Publishers. Online Reference Works: Standard Terms and Conditions (11/8/06)

New Pauly Online
Licence (19/6/07) with associated terms and conditions.

Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an Online
Encyclopaedia of Islam Online
Fact Sheet (18/2/05)
Licence (18/2/05)
Standard Terms & Conditions (18/2/05)
Offer to CAUL for 2005 (10/3/05)

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