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Bowker Book Analysis System (BBAS). (3/5/08)
- electronically compares your collection to the H.W. Wilson Standard Catalogs or Resources for College Libraries and provides you with reports that you can use to identify gaps and duplicates within your collection.
Pricing for RCL/BBAS - Includes RCL Web & RCL Content (7/5/08)

LibraryThing for Libraries (LTFL).  (29/8/09) & USAS (from January, 2006, selling through CSA, and from August 2007 through ProQuest SerialsSolutions)

Non-Fiction Connection (10/8/07)
Pricing for CAUL included with pricing for GBIP (10/8/07)

Resources for College Libraries (RCL)
Presentation/Overview (7/2/07)
Press Release (31/10/06)
RCL presentation - Marcus Elmore, Project Editor, CHOICE [and] John Krafty, Director Product Development, R. R. Bowker, November 9, 2006 (21/3/07)
CAUL Pricing 2007-2008 (23/2/07)

GlobalBooksInPrint - Information for CAUL
Terms of Use (31/5/05)

Pricing for 2010 (29/8/09) for GBIP, RCL, BBAS, LTFL and Non-Fiction Connection
Pricing for 2009 (25/8/08) for GBIP, RCL, BBAS and Non-Fiction Connection
Pricing for 2008 (10/8/07) for GBIP, RCL and Non-Fiction Connection
Pricing for 2007 (2/8/06) for GBIP, Ulrichs and USAS
Pricing for 2006 (11/8/05) for GBIP, Ulrichs and USAS
Pricing for 2005 (1/9/04) for GBIP, Ulrichs and USAS
Pricing for 2004 (13/10/03)
Trial available to 14/3/01 (IP-authenticated)
Offer to CAUL (received 26 February, 2001) - expressions of interest due 15/3/01.
Offer to CAUL for both BIP and Ulrichs (31 May 2000)
Offer to CAUL for GlobalBooksInPrint (received 26 February, 2001)
The following offer is provided for consideration by CAUL/CEIRC members.
The annual subscription price per member to is US$2425 based on achieving a sign-on of 40 members.
For this each member will have IP address access institution wide, all campuses, including remote and unlimited concurrent users for current authenticated staff, academics and students.
Additional notes:

  1. This offer applies to overseas campuses.
  2. For Caul members who currently hold a GBIP CD subscription and elect to take up the offer they will be receive a credit of 50% of the value of the unused portion of the CD subscription against the price.
  3. For those institutes who currently have taken up the offer or who do so by the same time they take up the offer will qualify for a 10% discount this year off the GBIP price - reducing it to US$2200.  I confirm the 10% discount offered on will only apply to those members holding a current subscription. Ulrichs via other platforms will not qualify.
  4. Let me assure you that any contracts entered into will be honored as part of the conditions of sale of the group and if no sale proceeds it will be business as usual under the instructions of the R-E Board.
  5. For comparative purposes the earlier offer to CAUL for was US$1870 and the current price for GBIP on Disc is US2055 for a single user/single site.
  6. Compared with the CD version members will receive 3 additional databases - Bowkers out-of-print database, Bowkers Words in Cassette database and Bowkers Complete Video Directory including E-Books.
    1. In addition over 500,000 quality reviews from over 20 sources plus 200,00 annotations and 20,000 review citations. Currently but growing over 300,000 Jacket images. Over 4000 Author Biographies linked to 230,000 ISBN's. Inventory Holdings of over 20 major Wholesalers. Book Rooms for Children's Books, Fiction titles and  Forthcoming titles.  Bestsellers lists for over 100 years worth of data. Awards lists linked to over 50,000 ISBN's. Hooks to Holding to allow searches directly from of Z39.50 compliant library catalogues.
    2. In the near future Table of Contents will be available on
  7. At an agreed date the consortia price will converted to A$ with the exchange rate applying on that day. GST will be additional.
  8. This offer is valid until March 31st 2001.
  9. If individual members wish to sign up to in advance this price will apply subject to adjustment if the consortia price is signed or lapses.
Expressions of interest to CAUL by 15 March should include preferred starting date.

Hooks to Holdings (updated 15/7/02) - Enables you to search your library’s catalog.  For libraries that have Z39.50 compliant catalogs with ISBN, ISSN, LCCN or Title Search capabilities.

Pricing for booksinprint and ulrichsweb (received 31 May 2000)

1. Bowker have approached the CAUL/CONZUL consortia as a "one buy" offer taking into account existing revenue streams earned by their products from the 47 member Universities.

2. The prices quoted are in US dollars. Aust dollars can be quoted nearer to the time of finalization based on an agreed exchange rate if this is a preferred alternative.

3. For either or the offer covers all CAUL/CONZUL members with Institution wide access (all campus sites within ANZ), unlimited user access including remote access (password protected) and either IP address or User name/Password identification.

4. Ulrichs price: US$35,250  The unit cost per member Institution works out to be US$750 per annum.

For comparative purposes this is the equivalent of the cost of a single user/single site Ulrichs CD ROM subscription. Via the web for an individual University for one building (say the Library)  with up to 5 simultaneous users  and no remote access the price is  US$1625 or all campuses in one metro area plus remote access with up to 5 simul users the price is US$2015.  Each additional user  is US$410 and each additional campus outside the metro area is US$600

Each Institution will obtain:

Online access 7 days a week all year round 24 hours per day (less down time for updating).
Unlimited user access including remote across all sites.
Monthly updates compared with quarterly for all other electronic options
Access to over 45000 URL's and 59000 e-mail addresses
Access to reviews
Document delivery services
In the near future - Hooks to Holdings, Z39.50 protocol, Download to email
5. BIP price:  US$89,065  The unit cost per member Institution works out to be US$1895 per annum.

Again for comparison this is the equivalent of the cost of the single user/single site CD ROM subscription for BIP with Reviews. Via the web for a single building  with up to 5 simul users the price is $3375 or one metro area wide with remote access with up to 5 simul users US$4175. Each additional user is US$750 and each additional campus outside the metro area is $1350.

Each Institution will obtain:

 Online access as above
 Unlimited user access including remote across all sites
 Updated daily compared with monthly for all other electronic options
 Access to full text reviews  400,000, Annotations 600,000 and Jacket images 100,000
 Words on Cassette
 Bowkers Complete video
 Children's books in Print
 Books Out-of-Print
 Authors Biographies
 Awards and Bestseller data
 USMARC, ASCII and CSV download formats
 Printing, e-mail and List capability
 Stock and Availability reports
 Links to other titles in the same subject category
 In the near future - Z39.50 protocol
Both databases
6. If both data bases are taken up a 10% discount will apply  ( i.e. sum of both less 10%)
Existing & new GBIP CD subscribers
7. If the offer is taken up,  then for existing GBIP CD subscribers a 50 % discount will apply as and when they renew their GBIP subscription up until becomes available and CAUL/CONZUL has had the opportunity to evaluate it. Similarly during the same time frame new subscribers to GBIP on Disc (stand alone or network) will also be eligible to a 50% discount.

8. Pricing for is not available as the undetermined costs associated with developing the product have still to be factored into the pricing matrix.

9. You will need to approach OVID and Silver Platter directly for their pricing. I suggest you ask them to verify that any consortia pricing they propose has been checked with Bowker to insure it is current. [Both approached initially 31 May - awaiting pricing]

Additional information received 1 June:
Expiry Date.
1. 31 August 2000 subject to extension by prior agreement and consultation.

2. Our start point is for the full complement of 47 in the first instance. We are not inflexible if this is not achievable but any alternative will depend on the numbers signing on and the revenue risk impact. Preference will be to stay with a fixed price.

Subscription Starting Date
3. Preference is to have a common start date. Current subscribers will have the existing unused portion of the sub credited against the CAUL price and will only pay the net. If the case arises where new subscribers sign up mid term they will only pay pro-rata from that date until the next common start date.
Additional information received 30 November:
Subscriptions with other Interfaces.
1. The original offer was an all in buy to establish a price/revenue target. When it became apparent some members wished to remain with OVID/SP I was able to include them in the revenue basket as Bowker picks up a royalty payment from OVID/SP for those customers. This enabled me to retain the Ulrichsweb subscription price at the original level.

2. It was never intended that members who wished to retain their OVID/SP subscription would be able to enjoy the Ulrichsweb price - unless of course they took out an Ulrichs web subscription. The price they pay for their Ulrichs access through OVID/SP will be whatever is established between them and OVID/SP

3. If a current OVID/SP subscriber wishes to take up the Ulrichs web offer after Dec 1 when their current sub expires this is OK and they will just pay a pro-rata amount to take them to 30th Nov 2001.

4. With the release of version 2 of Ulrichs web earlier in Nov it would be opportune to invite the OVID/SP users to have another look at the product under a trial. Similarly the same could be extended to other members who did not take up the offer.

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