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Books 24x7.
Net Read is a wholly Australian company, and an authorised Skillsoft partner and reseller for Books 24x7 in Australia and New Zealand.  Net Read manages subscriptions primarily for educational institutions and libraries, and also supports corporations and individuals by providing access to the online reference library collections of Books 24x7.  These include IT Pro, Business Pro, Engineering Pro and Finance Pro. Engineering Pro and Finance Pro are now offered to libraries as well as the IT Pro and Business Pro collections. (11/8/08)
Allan Richardson Director Net Read Pty Ltd ABN 40 103 966 749  PO Box 121 Indooroopilly QLD 4068   Phone:+61 7 3378 0611 Mob:        0414 278 473 Fax:     +61 7 3378 0622 Landlines  1300 306 247

Technical Support.
Books24x7’s Authentication Options for Library Implementations (11/8/08)
Directions for downloading MARC Records for (11/8/08)

Statistics.  (11/8/08)

IT Pro (22/4/08)
Business Pro (22/4/08)
Engineering Pro (22/4/08)
Finance Pro (22/4/08)

Licences. Master Agreement for Consortia (11/8/08)
Books24x7 Membership Agreement (22/4/08)

Offers to CAUL.
NetRead response to CEIRC survey on licence conditions (3/7/08)
2009 Offer to CAUL (via Net Read, 3/7/08, updated 15/9/08)
2007-8 Academic consortium library price list converted to AUD, valid to 31/12/08 (16/9/08)
2003 Offer to CEIRC (via Net Read, 28/4/03)

Net Read Update 22/4/08:  New subscription and pricing models are also available, with Site Licencing (FTE based) provided as well as the Concurrent User model.  Pro-rated subscription pricing is also considered to facilitate the realignment of existing subscriptions, or upgrading of concurrent users or collections.  Substantial discounts are offered to CAUL members, in particular those with multiple collections. Consortium pricing is also available when the occasion demands.
    There are several authentication methods offered now, each of which ensures that the privacy of users is maintained, whilst still protecting the security of more than 275 publishers’ intellectual property.  All collections support MARC record downloads for members’ catalogues.  The MARC records are updated twice each month (with a bulk upload available for new users).
    Pricing is fairly complex; it depends on the number of, and which collections, and either the number of concurrent users or the overall FTE rating for each institution.  When an institution defines these parameters, prices are made available immediately, and guaranteed for a significant period of time, like at least 3 months.
    Various other resources are available at which is being substantially redeveloped.  Logins and passwords will shortly be available exclusively for academic librarians’ use, to enable a central point for accessing MARC records, Usage Statistics and other Books 24x7 resources.  (22/4/08)

Net Read Update 20/9/04: .... Books 24x7 online reference libraries ....last year.  Several of these educational institutions have implemented the resource in one of a number of ways, using IP Authentication, a specially developed version of EZProxy, or more recently, a new self-registration method.  Each of these methods identifies the user of the service at any time, not in such a way that their identity is known to Books 24x7, but such that the host institution can be given sufficient information to identify an individual user in the event of copyright abuse.
    We understood the reluctance of some of your members to ‘track’ the movements of their staff and students because of privacy issues.  To this end, Books 24x7 developed the self-registration method of access.
    First the institution defines its subscription by collections (IT Pro – about 4,000 titles and / or Business Pro – about 2,000 titles) and a specified number of Concurrent User licences.
    After Books 24x7 has been set up as an online resource, the institution is then permanently recognized as a valid subscriber. It is assumed that any user emanating from a subscriber’s domain is already authenticated.
    When accessing Books 24x7, the user then enters their institutional email address (which has been pre-registered) and a password that has been supplied by Books 24x7 at the time of registration.  The user then has access to all the subscribed resources at any time, as well as a Personal Bookshelf containing selected titles that may have been set aside (by themselves or a lecturer / tutor) for subsequent viewing.  The user can define (and modify at any time) a hierarchical folder structure to facilitate searching through their personal list (which can be as many or as few titles as required from the entire library).  This personal folder structure is a great help, as each library has about 15 new titles added each week, and a user will frequently wish to peruse a title at a later date, resulting in the need for categorisation of the selected titles from such a vast number of available titles.
    As you may recall, MARC records are available and incrementally updatable twice each month, allowing for the titles to be accessed directly from the institutional library’s catalogue.

Books 24x7 (Net Read July 2000) [List price]
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