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User support from BMJ (5/7/07)
Statistics. Usage is generated by the usage team in London. We do not have a function on Clinical Evidence platform that allows customers to generate the reports themselves. (28/10/08)
Institutional Sales (resources for institution sales and support) (14/12/07)
Tony Hilker Sales Manager, Australia and New Zealand BMJ Group Melbourne Mb: +61 414 234 686 Ph: +61 (3) 9857 5008 Email: (22/6/09)

NEWS: (14/10/08) BMJ Journals Online Archive
BMJ Journals are pleased to announce that the online archive of five of its specialist titles is now available, hosted by Stanford University's HighWire Press.
The complete back archives of Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, Journal of Clinical Pathology, British Journal of Ophthalmology, Heart, and Gut, have now been released, right back to Volume 1, Issue 1.  All content older than 12 months is freely available to subscribers and registered users.
Release of these archives is part of a phased programme by the BMJ Group to make the content of all the BMJ Group's specialist medical titles available online. The remaining titles, covering over 3000 issues, will follow over the coming months.  One-time registration will allow non-subscribers to access all of this valuable content. (Recent content - less than 12 months old - is available only to subscribers).

CAUL Pricing.
Relevant FTEs = total medical faculty and researchers (including staff and students) - if no medical school, then "small" pricing is used.
2010 offer to CAUL (10/9/09, not negotiable 29/9/09, updated with additional titles 2/10/09)

Acupuncture in Medicine Journal (not included in the Journal Collection subscription)
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA)
(not included in the Journal Collection subscription)
Drug & Therapeutics Bulletin (DTB)
DTB Archival Content
2009 offer to CAUL (29/8/08)
2008 offer to CAUL  (3/8/07)
2007 offer to CAUL (7/8/06)
BMJ Offer to CAUL for 2006 (1/8/05)
BMJ invoice details for 2006 (15/10/05)
BMJ Offer to CAUL for 2005 (1/9/04)
BMJ invoice details for 2005 (16/11/04)
BMJ holdings spreadsheet - for a quote, please complete and return to the CAUL Office
2004 Price Offer to CAUL (revised 25/8/03)
2003 BMJ Price Bands for CAUL subscribers (3/6/03)

BMJ Group Online Licence. Consortia Licence - CAUL 2009 (29/6/09, updated 23/7/09)
CAUL Licence 2007 (signed 20/12/06)
CAUL Licence 2006 (28/6/06)
CAUL licence (18/8/05)
Amendment (13/10/05):  This email is to confirm that we agree to change clause 3.1.2 regarding access for vision impaired users to the following:
"Disability Compliance. To enable the licensee to meet its obligations under Australian Anti-Discrimination legislation, the licensee may reproduce in any form, any part of the product to the extent permitted by the Australian Copyright Act 1968, for the purpose of making such parts accessible to Authorised Users who have a print disability."
Online Journal Single Site Licence Agreement

BMJ Journals Online Collection (see also the CAUL licence for list of currently licensed content)
NEWS: 2009 [list] subscription pricing information for BMJ Journals can now be found here. (29/8/08)
Subscription list pricing information 2008 (2/8/07)
2007 Subscription Rates are now available (4/8/06)
A subscription to the BMJ Journals Online Collection includes:
- access to all available backfiles
- access for all institutional users including remote access
- perpetual access to content published during the subscription period
- coursepack use and inter-library loan
.... article level links always follow the same format as in the example below:
journal name - bmjjournals - cgi <--- this is the content generator / content <--- content directory / full text / volume / issue / page number
2005 BMJ Journals Online Collection
2004 BMJ Journals Online Collection
Titles included in the collection for 2003. is the leading resource for online assessment amongst health professions. (15/5/08)
We provide two comprehensive resources especially for medical students.
Basic or 'Intermediate" resource
Provides all the essentials of pre-clinical medicine with an emphasis on clinical sciences, anatomy and physiology. It is targeted at students in the first half of their training.
The Advanced or 'Final' resource
Prepares students for their final exam and is orientated to clinical problem solving skills and knowledge synthesis across specialties. It includes questions on data interpretation and clinical images mostly embedded within case history scenarios. This resource will help students not only prepare to pass their exams but also to practice clinical medicine.
CAUL Pricing (17/7/08)

Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin (DTB) (17/10/07)
Subscriptions (30/9/09)
Standard institutional pricing (30/9/09)

BMJ Learning
2008 offer to CAUL Consortium Members (3/8/07)
Offer to CAUL (9/1/06)
BMJ Learning Training Guide (13/10/06) (The British Medical Journal)
See CAUL pricing. (29/8/08)
Institutional Subscriptions
From January 2005, will introduce a limited charging structure for some of its content. Original research articles will remain completely free to access, the full text of all other articles (including Editorials, Reviews and Letters etc) will be free for the first week of publication and then under access controls for the next 51 weeks. After one year, access controls will be lifted and all content will once again be free. Abstracts and extract views of all articles will remain completely free. Other website content and functions will also not be under access controls at any time. These include the search page, email alerts, rapid responses, Q&A, Medscape conferences, and UK health news.  Access to is free to BMA members, personal subscribers to the print BMJ, and users from developing countries.

Best Practice.
Best Practice is a new Online product from the BMJ Evidence Centre (7/1/09)
Offer to CAUL (7/1/09)

Clinical Evidence
2008 offer to CAUL Consortium Members (3/8/07)
User Guide (5/4/07)
Enhancements to online platform (10/11/06)
Institutional Site Licences
New institutional pricing structure (4/8/06)
The pricing structure has changed to include pricing tiers:
Small 1-400 relevant FTEs, Medium 401-1500 relevant FTEs, Large 1501-3000 FTEs and Extra Large 3001+.

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This site is written, compiled and maintained by Diane Costello, Executive Officer, CAUL.