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Blackwell Science and Munksgaard offer two CAUL/CONZUL pricing models for 2000
Updated 24 August, 1999

In April this year, Blackwell Science offered Australasian educational and academic libraries (CAUL, CONZUL and CSIRO) consortial access to all our available online journals for the first time. Although offered midway through the year, the offer has been very successful, with 13 CAUL members taking up online access to Blackwell Science journals members to date.

The institutions taking up the 1999 offer are accessing the journals via a number of different routes, including ingenta, SwetsNet, EbscoOnline, OCLC's ECO, Blackwell's Information Services' EJN and Ovid. A more detailed overview of the access routes used and FAQs are attached.

Feedback from CAUL and CONZUL members indicated that some were concerned that the 1999 pricing model did not allow institutions to cancel paper in favour of online access. Blackwell Science together with the Danish publisher Munksgaard are therefore offering CAUL and CONZUL members a choice of two flexible pricing models for 2000: the Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Collection model or the Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Choice model.

Both models are set out in detail below. Both offer excellent value for money and we look forward to working with the Datasets Coordinators to help each institution choose the model that is most appropriate for their needs.

If you have decided to participate, contact Diane Costello at CAUL who will notify us. You will need to provide the following information:

You should receive confirmation that we have your request and all your details within one week, and access will be set up shortly afterwards. Two copies of the license will be sent to you, which need to be signed and returned to Blackwell Science as soon as possible.

If you have any other queries, please direct them to Diane Costello at CAUL, who will pass the information on to us at Blackwell Science. 

Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Collection
Model for Consortial Access to Online Journals during 2000

The Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Collection model provides online access for consortia to a collection of 219 Blackwell Science and Munksgaard titles. The price is independent of the historical spend on paper subscriptions. This model is designed for Institutions that want to gain online access to the widest range of titles, whilst retaining their core of existing print subscriptions.

1) Pricing

The list price of a paper subscription to all the titles in the Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Collection is over AUD 181,000. This is discounted by 97.5% to just AUD 4,525 per site if more than 20 sites participate. The price of access to the Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Collection depends on the number of sites that participate. The fees for 2000 are:

Annual Fee Per Site if 20 or more sites participate = AUD 4,525
Annual Fee Per Site if less than 20 sites participate = AUD 4,995
A consortium consisting of 25 sites wish to participate in the Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Collection model. The fee payable by each site is AUD 4,525. If just 15 sites participate, the fee per site is AUD 4,995.

2) Conditions and Notes

3) List of Journals

The Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Collection model includes 219 titles listed. More online journals will be available during the term of the agreement, and access to these will be provided at no extra cost. 

Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Choice
Model for Access to Online Journals during 2000

The Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Choice model is designed for Institutions that want to select paper and/or online subscriptions on a title-by-title basis. 219 titles are currently available under this model.

1) Pricing

Blackwell Science and Munksgaard separate online subscriptions from print subscriptions. We believe that the online version should be less expensive than the print version, because the publisher should pass on the cost savings in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. We therefore offer an online-only subscription at 90% of the price of a print subscription. Similarly for customers wishing to take a combined online-plus-print subscription we only add 10% to the price of a print subscription.

Online-only subscription price = 90% of print subscription price

Online-plus-print subscription price = 110% of print subscription price

If an institution wishes to purchase a number of titles online then Blackwell Science and Munksgaard will reduce the online-only price even further: 1-19 online-only titles price = 90% of print subscription price

20-49 online-only titles price = 87% of print subscription price

50+ online-only titles price = 85% of print subscription price

(This multiple-title discount does not apply to print or combined online-plus-print subscriptions, where the economies of scale are not so appreciable).

Example: An Australian institution would like online only and combined prices for the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
Title Paper Price Online Only Price Combined Price
Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology USD 660 USD 594 USD 726
If they were to purchase more than 50 online-only titles then the price of each online-only subscription would go down to 85% of the paper price (e.g. for Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology the online-only price would become USD 561).

2) Conditions and Notes

3) List of Journals

The Blackwell Science/Munksgaard Choice model is available for all of the 219 titles listed. Details of individual prices are available on request from Blackwell Science, Munksgaard or your subscription agent.

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