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BioOne is a not-for-profit organisation, which offers a 155-journal database, featuring some of the most important academic society journals in Biological, Ecological and Environmental Sciences.

NEWS: 2006 BioOne Progress Report Now Available Washington, DC (February 8, 2007)
BioOne Launches New Full-Text Collection: BioOne.2 Washington, DC (January 4, 2007)
BioOne ( is delighted to announce the successful launch of its new full-text collection, BioOne.2. BioOne.2 includes 41 titles from 26 publishers in the fields of organismal and integrative biology, including the Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology, the Field Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

BioOne Title Lists (15/8/09)

Sales Contact (15/8/09):Steve Smith, BioOne Senior Sales Manager  Tel. +44 1423 556387
Technical Contact/s : for access problems please contact Steve Smith (UK) and Jenny Byrnes (US) (6/11/09)

2010 BioOne pricing for CAUL (for full collection only) (15/8/09) BioOne has had a number of representatives in Australia over the years, the rates existing subscribers are paying are not completely aligned with each other. With the new price structure, some will pay slightly more, others will pay less.

BioOne A&I on the Illumina platform (8/7/09)
·         BioOne will be updated at least through 31/12/2010
·         Coverage includes all the journals from BioOne.1 and BioOne.2
·         The update frequency is monthly -

Offer to CAUL (via CSA) March 2004
Proposal from CSA  (FTE numbers apply to the whole institution, not only biological sciences - 23/4/04)
2 month trial available. Expressions of interest to the CAUL Office by April 21.
BioOne Subscriber License (2/8/06)

Site Definition
1. A site will be defined as a campus that reports to the same Chief Academic Officer. Law and Medical libraries may be defined as the same site if they report either to the Chief Academic Officer or the Chief Executive Officer of that campus.
2. For multi-campus institutions, site shall be defined as a campus which has a separate listing in the Directory of Higher
Current subscribers (2/8/06)
Australian National University 
James Cook University 
Macquarie University 
Monash University 
University New England 
University Queensland 
University of Sydney 
Univ Auckland 
University of Otago 

Offer to CAUL April 2001
Order Form for Consortia (North America)
- availability through OCLC (for the rest of the world)
- expressions of interest to CAUL Office
Journals List - Browse the Current Issue

BioOne Electronic Journals Available Through OCLC ECO

April 2001
A collection of 40 (and increasing) electronic journals in biological, ecological and environmental sciences under development by ARL/SPARC and other scholarly societies available through OCLC ECO only

A total of 40 BioOne electronic journals in the biological, ecological and environmental sciences are available to subscribers in Asia and the Pacific region  through OCLC Electronic Collections Online (ECO) only, beginning on July 1, 2001.

BioOneTM is under development by the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) of Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the University of Kansas, the Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium, and Allen Press.  The BioOne collection offers a broad selection of the journals of many AIBS member societies which are nonprofit scholarly societies.

The BioOne collection of electronic journals is available only as a complete set, not as individual titles, through OCLC ECO.  In other words, libraries must subscribe to the BioOne collection of electronic journals as a package, and cannot subscribe to a subset of these journals.

Content for all titles starts with the year 2000 except for American Midland Naturalist, which starts with 1998 back issues.  In some cases, not all 2000 issues are included initially, however, such back issues will be added retrospectively during 2001.  All journals are English-language, and some include multi-lingual content.

By subscribing to BioOne, libraries not only have access to high-quality electronic journals produced by scholarly societies, but also help BioOne, a nonprofit scholarly organization continue to produce electronic journals of great value at a time when the price of scientific journals is fast-increasing.

OCLC establishes a permanent online archive containing the BioOne journal data.  BioOne subscribers, even after they have discontinued the current subscription to BioOne, can continue to access the BioOne data they have subscribed to through OCLC ECO for as long as they remain being a current OCLC ECO user.

BioOne Annual Subscription Price in Asia Pacific

US$10,000 (ten thousand U.S. dollars) per year per institution (for example, per college or university). This annual fee includes the content fee of BioOne collection of electronic journals and OCLC ECO Archival and Access fee for 12 months.  Prepayment in U.S. dollars is required for all subscriptions.

Subscription can begin on the first day of any month.  However, both a completed order form (provided by OCLC Asia Pacific) and the prepayment must reach OCLC Asia Pacific by the 20th day of any month in order to activate BioOne access on the first day of the following month – no exceptions, please.

If an institution subscribes to BioOne but does not subscribe to any other electronic journals through OCLC ECO, the institution is entitled to five simultaneous logons for accessing BioOne electronic journals.  However, if the institution also subscribes to other electronic journals through OCLC ECO, OCLC will then add five additional simultaneous logons to the institution’s ECO account.

During the subscription term of 12 months, if the number of BioOne electronic journals increases, subscribers can also access these additional BioOne electronic journals through the subscription term without additional charge.  However, the price can be increased at the time of next renewal.

Whether libraries subscribe to print version of the BioOne journals or not, the annual subscription fee of the BioOne collection of electronic journals is the same.

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