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Updated 23 July, 2008

NEWS:  Berkeley, CA - August 10, 2007 - ProQuest and The Berkeley Electronic Press ("bepress")  today announced that they have reached an agreement for bepress to purchase ownership of Digital Commons, the world's leading hosted institutional repository solution.  Bepress will be adding sales and marketing staff and augmenting its existing customer support and services in addition to the hosting and technology services that it has always provided Digital Commons customers.

Technical Contact/s:

bepress Journals
Price List and Subscriptions (12/9/07)
bepress 2008 Prices and News (12/9/07)
2008 ResearchNow Pricing.  The 2008 price for our complete collection of journals, ResearchNow, is $7,100. ResearchNow includes full access to all bepress peer-reviewed journals, currently numbering 38. As always, subscribers will get access to new journals added during 2008 at no additional cost. (12/9/07)

Berkeley Electronic Press eJournals offer to CAUL (via DA, 22/4/08, updated 26/6/08))
Order form and license terms (23/4/08)
Package discount pricing 2005 (30/9/05)
2005 Journals List (30/9/05)
Preliminary offer to CAUL (29/4/03)

Clarification of offer:  Yes, we are offering all CAUL members access to all bepress titles for the next three years for 30,000 USD.  This money would be paid at the outset.  If other institutions are interested, we would consider who they are and adjust the price accordingly.  We would be pleased if the additional 26 members were included.  Do any of those members currently subscribe to our journals?  If none do, I will leave the offer as it stands.  Otherwise, I would make some minor changes.

Since a few CAUL members currently subscribe (Monash, Australian National University, University of Queensland, and University of Melbourne), we would grant them credits for any unused portion of their current subscriptions.  I have based the offer on a membership of 39 [includes UNSW@ADFA].

We have 22 journals at present, and this number is constantly increasing.  For example, we have two journals in the works that should be out in the next 3 months (one is a nursing journal and the other a journal of issues in homeland security).  These would be added to the CAUL license automatically, and all members given access, with no extra fees.

Leslie Marie Thomas <>
The Berkeley Electronic Press 805 Camelia St., Second Floor Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 559-1500 (510) 559-1550 fax
Digital Commons.
For previous offers to CAUL, see the ProQuest page (23/7/08)

Digital Commons a hosted institutional repository platform that comes with a unique suite of applications. Digital Commons is delivered as a single, integrated solution and fully hosted by bepress.  There are no servers to install/maintain allowing clients focus on the repository content and faculty outreach/services and not on fast-changing technology.

The many advantages of Digital Commons include such features as:

Services include: Bepress can provide you with a production-ready Digital Commons within 2-3 weeks.
Please contact Tony Hilker at (03) 9857 6420 or email him at to receive more information or schedule a webinar tour of Digital Commons.

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