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Updated 16 June, 2010

Bibliography of Asian Studies
Subscription renewals for 2010 (prices unchanged from 2009) (23/7/09)
Subscription renewals for 2009 (prices unchanged from 2008) (25/8/08)
Subscription renewals for 2008 (prices unchanged from 2007) (7/8/07)
Subscription renewals for 2007 (prices unchanged from 2006) (15/6/06)
Subscription renewals for 2006 (prices unchanged from 2005) (11/10/05)
Subscription renewals for 2005 (prices unchanged from 2004) (16/7/04)
Subscription renewals for 2003/9 to 2004/12 (16 months) @ unchanged pricing level, pro-rated
Subscription Agreement (inclucing Terms & Conditions)
Statistics - accessible only to the relevant subscriber site.

If you are having trouble accessing the database, please contact Lisa Hansleman; Tel: (734) 665-2490; Fax: (734) 665-3801; E-Mail: (25/4/08)

Message to Datasets Coordinators 6 July, 1998

There is an order form on the web, which you all need to sign, parts A & B, at Please email the form to me asap. There is a subscription agreement which must be signed. I am waiting for them to tell me whether they need only two copies from me, or two copies from each of you. I suspect the latter, so it may be simplest if you all can sign.

The form includes questions such as IP addresses (which I have), whether you have the print sub - if you have not previously subscribed to the print, then your first year will be only $50. 

Message to Datasets Coordinators 21 May, 1998 gives details of the fees, (including how to decide what size institution you are) and the discounts based on the number of institutions participating (if using a consortium coordinator), whether we join before 1 September, whether you have previously bought the print BAS, etc.

The licence conditions view an institution as a single site provided that multiple campuses only have a single administrative unit.

In order to go ahead with a CAUL sub, please confirm that you wish to proceed, and let me know which size category your institution fits into, whether you prefer to start July 1, October 1 or January 1. We are up to 12 institutions; with 16 the discount would increase from 20% to 30%. 

August 28, 2001
September 1, 2001ľAugust 31, 2002

University of Melbourne Lge $840
Australian National University Lge 840
  • Flinders University of South Australia
  • Lge 840
  • Griffith University
  • Lge 840
  • La Trobe University
  • Lge 840
  • Monash University
  • Lge, with one subsidiary campus 1,190
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Lge 840
  • The University of Adelaide
  • Lge 840
  • University of New South Wales 
  • Lge 840
  • The University of Newcastle 
  • Lge 840
  • University of Queensland
  • Lge 840
  • University of Sydney
  • Lge 840
  • University of Auckland 
  • Lge 840
  • University of Canterbury
  • Lge 840
  • Massey University
  • Lge 840
  • University of Otago
  • Lge 840
  • University of Waikato
  • Lge 840
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Lge 840
  • Victoria University of Technology
  • Medium 630
    TOTAL COST   16,100

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