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Updated 16 November, 2009

AustLit Licences (18/7/07)
Alumni Members are are covered under the following point from the Licence Agreement:  “Authorised Users” - the Licensee and any person permitted by the Licensee to use its facilities, located at a library or elsewhere including by using remote access to its proxy servers”. (16/11/09)
Revised licence (with the University of Queensland) - DRAFT (4/10/05)
AustLit Licence 2002

Technical Contact:
The Contact person from 01/07/2009 will be Mrs Carol Hetherington, Contents Manager, AustLit.  Phone:  61 7 336 54741.
Trials.  Trials are available by requesting them through Paulette Schmidt or the email address. Trial access via password or IP recognition is available.

2010 Pricing (29/8/09, updated 3/9/09)
An increase of 2% for the 2010 CAUL Subscription price has been agreed to by AustLit Management.  The 2% increase is due to costs only being passed on to CAUL Subscribers.

The pricing for 2010 has been increased by 2% as follows:
The full price for University Libraries (Australia) is $6,211 (+GST) (AUD)
1. Renewal pricing for current subscribers  - 20% discount on full price subscription  $4,970 (+GST)
2. Options for new subscribers - with incentives for the group for widening the subscription circle - Extra 5% discount for new subscribers on Renewal price for current subscribers  $4,720 (+GST)
2. Options for trialling current and new services -  Free trial.
New services currently in nearing conclusion of development, such as federated searching, annotation tools and new reporting services will all be included in the one subscription price.
New Subsets such as the Anthology of Criticism and the Children’s Literature Digital Resources Project.

2009 Pricing (15/8/08) - NB. one of the figures in the email was incorrect - the following price is correct (4/9/08)
The pricing for 2009 has been increased by 5% as follows:
The full price for University Libraries (Australia) is $6090 (+GST)
Consortium members receive a 20% discount – $4870 (+GST)
New subscribers will attract an additional 5% discount - For their first year's subscription taking the price to:  $4567 (+GST)

2008 Pricing.  (12/7/07)
The full price for University Libraries (Australia) is $5800 +GST
Consortium members 20% discount -  $4640.00 + GST
For new subscribers, an additional 5% discount.

2007 Pricing.  Unchanged from 2006.  (11/7/06)
2006 Pricing & Renewals. (11/7/05)
Australian University Libraries fee (full price) - $5,513 + GST each.
with 33 CAUL Consortium members 20% discount - $4,410 + GST each.
For new subscribers an additional discount of 5% (taking the discount to 25% off the full price). The special first year price for them would be $4,189 + GST. Should they wish to continue with an AustLit subscription beyond the first year the discount would revert to 20%.

2005 Pricing & Renewals.
32 current subscribers.  Pricing for 2005 is unchanged from 2004. (16/7/04)

2004 Pricing & Renewals.
30 current subscribers.

Pricing for University Libraries (Australian & International) AUD 5,250
Consortium discounts:
30+ members = 20% disc $ 4,200
20-29 members = 15% disc $ 4,462
10-19 members = 10% disc $ 4,725
1-10 members = no disc $ 5,250

2003 subscribers. (Renewals for 2003 will run to 31/12/03, 11 months pro-rated, to move to a calendar year cycle)

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