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Updated 25 August, 2009

Below are the URLs that they will all need to use to access the 3 products:
FinAnalysis IP Address:
Analyst Forecast - data provided by Thomson Financial, can be purchased as an add-on to FinAnalysis (= FinAnalysis with Estimates)
DatAnalysis IP Address:
Annual Reports Online IP Address:  Annual Reports online are provided free to DatAnalysis and/or FinAnalysis subscribers.
Datalink - includes our entire historical database, and incremental files going forward of all financial items for all companies listed (and delisted) on the ASX. We deliver the data via a secure FTP Website.
This is a datafeed and not an internet based product and is a CSV file of raw financial data items. Basically, it is the back end of the FinAnalysis product. This product is taken by individual academics and not usually purchased through the library. We have a number of Universities who currently take the product .... usually through the finance department or a particular academic.
DataLink is a direct feed of detailed, fundamental data on ASX and NZX listed companies. The Product will be provided via an HII hosted and managed FTP site, for which HII will issue a username and password to the Subscriber’s Category One Authorised User(s). The file format will be consistent with the specifications outlined in the Data Guide document. The files will be posted to the FTP site by 9pm on each ASX or NZX trading day.
The Product includes:
× daily updates of raw and total annual company financial data and history going back to 1990 for ASX listed companies and going back to 1996 for NZX listed companies;
× daily updates of raw and total interim, half-yearly financial data for ASX and NZX listed companies and history going back to 1996;
× daily updates of data item and mapping files;
× daily updates of company information including name, contact details, sector classifications, listing details and industry template;
× daily updates of ASX code changes.
2010 pricing (25/8/09)
2009 pricing (19/8/08)
2008 pricing (3/8/07)
2007 pricing (16/6/06)
2006 pricing (1/7/05)  2005 subscribers (1/7/05)
2005 pricing (14/7/04)
2003 Offer to CAUL for Aspect DatAnalysis, Aspect FinAnalysis and Annual Reports OnLine. (21/3/03)
2009 Datalink Licence (29/4/09)

Technical Contact/s:; Phone: 02 9276 4446

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