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Updated 3 March, 2010

ASME Digital Library.
ASME's primary repository of current and archival literature featuring:
     ASME's Transaction Journals from 1990 to the present
     ASME's Conference Proceedings from 2002 to the present
     ASME Press E-Books selected from 1999 to the present

Journal titles list (15/9/08)
Discount Packages (15/9/08)

PACKAGE 2: All 21 Transactional Journals Plus Applied Mechanical Reviews.
Archive of ASME Journals Package 2 - offer to CAUL (via iGroup, 3/3/10)
2010 pricing for CAUL (via iGroup, 12/9/09)
Offer to CAUL (via iGroup, 15/9/08)

Institutional licence (15/9/08)

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