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Updated 25 September, 2009

Trial Access.
1. Online demonstrations - A remote, online demonstration with an ARTstor representative is a good first step in learning more about the collections and tools in the ARTstor Digital Library.
2. Thirty-day trials - Explore a full version of ARTstor, including all its content and tools. This option requires that you review and sign ...the following trial agreements. International Institutions (PDF, 140KB)

Note: There is the normal JSTOR option of upfront ACF, and smaller AAF. There is also an amortisation option, of paying an equal annual cost, effectively amortising the ACF over 10 years. The annual fee is naturally higher than the regular AAF because you wouldn't be paying the larger ACF upfront. (List email 2007)
ARTstor 2010 pricing for CAUL (15/8/09)
ARTstor revised pricing for 2009 (26/8/08)
ARTstor pricing for CAUL for 2009 (11/9/08)
ARTstor AAF quote for 2008 - CAUL subscribers (4/7/07)
ARTstor roll-out pricing from September 1, 2006 (23/8/06) - all pricing still valid (4/7/07)
Proposal to CAUL for 2007 pricing (4/5/06)

Fax the licence to +1 212 500 2401, then post the originals. (5/3/07)
ARTstor Digital Library License Agreement Ver. 9/18/07 D (10/8/09) NB this is the ARTstor Participation License Agreement for universities that are ready to subscribe.
ARTstor Digital Library License Agreement (for trial use - consortial version) (14/7/08)
ARTstor Digital Library License Agreement (7/3/07) and licence addendum (24/8/07) superseded
ARTstor Digital Library [Pilot] License Agreement (12/7/05) superseded

ARTstorís interdisciplinary collections are comprised of contributions from museums, photographers and photo archives, artists and artistsí estates, scholars, and libraries. View the ARTstor Collections by Topic page for more information about content in art and architecture, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, history, religious studies, theatre, and other areas of study. (10/8/09)
ARTstor Resources in American Studies (5/5/06)
ARTstor Resources in Anthropology (5/5/06)
ARTstor Resources in Asian Studies (5/5/06)
ARTstor Resources in Classical Studies (5/5/06)
ARTstor Resources in Literary Studies (5/5/06)
ARTstor Resources in Music History and Musicology (5/5/06)
ARTstor Resources in Religion (5/5/06)

Myka Carroll (26/8/08)
Library Relations Outreach Associate, International ARTstor
151 E. 61st St.  New York, NY 10065
T: +1 212 500 2434 F: +1 212 500 2401

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