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Updated 7 October, 2009

NEWS 15/7/09: The American Medical Association has announced that 2010 prices for JAMA & Archives Journals and American Medical News will remain the same as they were in 2009. The price freeze applies to American Medical News and all JAMA & Archives products, including the AMA Site License, institutional Limited Access subscriptions, individual print and online only subscriptions, and the recently completed JAMA & Archives Backfiles collection.

About JAMAevidence (13/3/09)
Institutional Subscriptions (McGraw-Hill/HCN 13/3/09)

JAMA & Archives Journals Backfiles collection. (8/5/09)

JAMA & Archives Journals
2010 offer for JAMA +9 package (via the AMA, 3/10/09, finalised 7/10/09)
List price 2010 for JAMA and archives (3/10/09)

2009 Offer to CAUL/CEIRC on Journals@Ovid (via Ovid, 11/8/08)
2009 offer for JAMA +9 package (via the AMA, 19/8/08)
Site license agreement (23/8/08)
Update 8/10/08:  we now have the ability to provide perpetual access.  It is not yet automated however, simply needs to be requested upon termination and it will be set up. ....perpetual access would be available from our site.

2008 Offer to CAUL/CEIRC (via Ovid, 27/8/07)
2007 Offer to CAUL/CEIRC (via Ovid, 23/8/06)
2006 Offer to CAUL/CEIRC (via Ovid, 25/11/05)
2004 Offer to CEIRC (via Ovid Technologies, 25/9/03)
A collection of 10 journals published by the American Medical Association ("JAMA and The Archives Collection"). This collection is offered via Journals@Ovid, and pricing allows for significant savings depending on the number of members participating in the offer. Institutions are broken down into two groups, offering differential pricing based on Health Sciences FTE's and other criteria.
Consortial offer, dependent upon the total number of subscribing institutions.
Electronic only, independent of print holdings.
Price cap - information to be received.

Technical Support:
Ovid Technologies is committed to providing our customers in Australia and New Zealand with high quality customer support. The services team will assist you in integrating Ovid/SilverPlatter resources with your current full text investments. Shirley Farquhar, Allan Finn and Mary Wong can be contacted at
Jeremy Nielsen,  Sales Manager, Asia Pacific,  JAMA & Archives Journals, American Medical Association (29/3/08)
+1 312 464 2449

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