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ACS Publications

ACS Institutional Sales Team

Technical Contact/s (if no technical contact available, the sales contact has been provided): Andrew Pitts
American Chemical Society Publications Division IP test page. By your connecting to this page, we will be able to determine the IP address you are using when you access the ACS Web servers.
CAUL members' account IDs (7/1/09)
Account Activation Instructions (5/3/09)
Accessing usage statistics - Coremetrics no longer used (24/2/10)

A service designed for the library community that will provide the latest information on pricing, licensing, and product information concerning ACS Web Editions and print publications on a regular basis
The ACS Style Guide, 3rd Edition. Login page for electronic version. (5/7/07)

ACS Licensing Information (28/10/09)
ACS Symposium Series Online Sales Agreement Addendum (28/10/09)
ACS Legacy Archives Addendum (One-Time Payment Option) (28/10/09)
ACS Licence (11/2/05) (earlier version ACS Licence received 20/8/04)
"ACS allows access from remote locations as long as the user is connecting via the secure network of the authorised institution."  This can be added  to the license if you like or are you happy with this email as confirmation?  (9/11/04) Andrew Pitts, International Sales Manager American Chemical Society
As for the perpetual question; we have always said that we will send PDF files for content purchased so that nobody loses out on what they have paid for. Under the new model, they get access to ALL 34 titles, so if the cancel they get ALL 34 titles worth of PDFs. (Andre Pitts 21/11/07)
Multiple Site/Consortium Sales Agreement for 2002/2003 Subscriptions. ACS Journal Archives and ACS Web Edition Access. Revised:  January 25, 2002

ACS Division of Chemical Education

Journal of Chemical Education
For later pricing see ACS Pricing for CAUL (10/8/09)
Pricing for 2007 - see CAUL Pricing  and The ACS News, Education and Reference Package (10/8/06)
Offer to CAUL (23/2/05)
Multiple Site/Consortium Sales Agreement For 2005/2006 Subscriptions. JCE Online Journal Web Edition and Archives Access (24/5/05, updated 27/9/05)

ACS Symposium Series.
The ACS Symposium Series Archives contains a total of 1,278 books and 19,170 chapters inclusive of all ACS Symposium Series titles from 1974-2008 as well as the full Advances in Chemistry Series from 1950-1998.  In a given year, the collection includes approximately 30 ACS Symposium Series titles and 450 peer-reviewed chapters of published research.
2009 Book Titles (ACS Symposium Series) (18/7/09)
ACS Publications announces the launch of the ACS Symposium Series Online and the ACS Symposium Series Archive. (13/5/09)

Chemical & Engineering News Online

For later pricing see ACS Pricing for CAUL (10/8/09)
Pricing for 2007 - see The ACS News, Education and Reference Package (10/8/06)
Consortium pricing:  USD 1,000 for the first subscriber, USD 300 for each additional subscriber.  (28/2/03)
Pricing for 2005:  Remains at $370 per institution.  (13/7/04)

C&EN Archive.  The first issue to be digitized for C&EN News was August 1998. Subscribers have access back to that, and will retain access to this going forward. There is no moving wall policy with C&EN News.

ACS Journals Online
NEWS: Managing Electronic Subscription Costs: New Opportunities (from VP Sales, Marketing and Web Innovation 19/6/09)  (7/7/09)
ACS will enact a price increase of 5% for 2010 ACS Web Editions access, across all customer categories and pricing tiers. As part of our Value-Based Pricing plan for electronic journals, multi-year migration plans will remain intact at previously negotiated rates, irrespective of this annual price increase.
ACS will introduce two new journals in 2010: ACS Chemical Neuroscience and Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters: additional access to these new publications will be priced according to your current Value-Based Pricing plan.
ACS Legacy Archive and ACS Symposium Series Archive Discounts: To reward customers purchasing both ACS journals and books backfile archive products—and/or committing to multi-year purchase agreements for our online book front-list titles, ACS offers a variety of options to provide customers with savings ranging from 10% to 30% off the list price. In addition, installment payment plans are available to help you plan your purchasing commitments and to stretch your budget dollars further.

Presentation by Andrew Pitts, Mike Walsh and Adam Chesler at the ICOLC Fall Meeting, Stockholm, October 2007 (10/10/07)
The New ACS Value-Based Pricing Model: Academic Subscribers (ACS LiveWire v.8 issue 5, May 2007)
Guiding Principles for the new pricing plans. (22/6/07)
ACS International Academic Plan. (22/6/07)
Academic International Frequently Asked Questions. (22/6/07)
NEWS:  ACS Announces New Web Subscription Policies for 2006(Livewire 6, June 2005)
As part of an ongoing initiative within the division to examine journal pricing models and policies and to better serve our institutional customers, ACS Publications is pleased to announce the following changes to our web pricing polices effective January 1, 2006.
New definition of “current” subscription replaces rolling access model
Beginning in 2006, all institutional subscribers to the ACS Web Editions will receive access to journal content from 1996 to the present. This new definition of a “current” subscription to the ACS Web Editions will replace the rolling access model of “current year plus four additional years” of access. For the 2006 subscription year, this new web policy adds a total of 6 additional years of access – more than doubling the current offering of content. For each subsequent subscription year, a new year of access will be added to the “current” subscription, resulting in a continuously growing front file.
New definition of Archives creates the ACS Legacy Archives
The new and expanded access policy for current subscriptions to ACS Web Editions will, in turn, affect the definition of the ACS Journal Archives. In 2006, the Archives will be renamed the “ACS Legacy Archives” to reflect the recent digitization of all ACS articles published from 1879 through 1995. These articles are available in PDF format.
New one-time payment option for the ACS Legacy Archives
In addition to the annual subscription option currently in place for the Archives, the ACS will also offer a new one-time payment option to access the ACS Legacy Archives beginning in 2006, which will secure ongoing access rights to this material. Customers choosing the one-time payment option will be able to access the Legacy Archives from ACS servers and will be charged a nominal annual maintenance fee.

ACS Pricing for CAUL
2010 ACS (ebook) symposium series and legacy archive pricing for CAUL - detail (10/8/09, updated 13/10/09)
ACS Journals 2010 pricing for CAUL, including early payment discounts (18/7/09, updated with pricing for JCE, C&EN, NER 10/8/09, updated 7/11/09)
Draft pricing model for ACSSS & archive (13/5/09)

2009 final pricing for ACS Journals Package, includes archive pricing (23/10/08)
.... the tiers were done at 2006 [usage] levels and will not change for the next 4 years (A.Pitts, 23/10/08)
2009 print pricing - including deep discount pricing for package subscribers (23/10/08, full list of 34 ACS titles, including the new ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces which replaces Biotech Progress in 2009)
2009 pricing for additional ACS titles - JCE, CEN, Proceedings (23/10/08)
2009 projected CAUL pricing for all 34 titles (21/4/08)

2008 CAUL pricing  includes pricing according to the new model (not being implemented in 2008), archive pricing, and list of current ACS subscribers (14/11/07, updated 27/11/07)
2008 pricing for print, including Deep Discount Price (24/11/07)
2008 Archive Pricing  (7/11/07)
Proposal to move to the new ACS pricing model in 2008 versus migrating after 2008 (14/11/07) Background paper for CAUL, includes titles list (23/3/08)
2007 ACS CAUL Financial Offer (10/8/06)
ACS Standard 2007 Subscription Rates & Policies (Outside North America) (August, 2006)
Summary 2007 pricing quote for all participants (10/8/06) Final invoice detail (2/11/06)
- For 2007 there has been a 5.5% increase only on 31 of the 33 journals; ACS Chemical Biology has not increased in price.
- Journal of Physical Chemistry has added a third part, Part C, and therefore there is a significant increase in price.  However please note that CAUL is only paying $6,953 where as the 2007 list price is $7071.
- The archive fee remains at 10%, the cap has increased to $5100
- The New Titles Package fee remains at 5%, the cap has increased to $1800
- Biomacromolecules has dropped out of the New Titles Package and will be charged according to usage in the same way Organic Letters and Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry were charged in 2006
The ACS News, Education and Reference Package (10/8/06)
For 2007 we are proposing a package of information called the ACS News, Education and Reference Package.  It includes a large amount of online content which we have not been able to offer you before:
- ACS Reagent Chemicals 10th Edition
- Journal of Chemical Education
- ACS Division Proceedings
- ACS Style Guide
- Chemical & Engineering News.

2006 pricing  (28/6/05) Summary pricing quote for all participants (29/6/05)
ACS New Titles [usage-based pricing introduced for 2006]
....we calculated the cost per download ... anyone whose cost per use was below $5 we gave the option to buy the subscription at 90%. For between $5 and $10 we asked 2/3rd of this amount and for $10 to $25 we asked for 1/3rd. Anyone who was over $25 we gave access for free.  (8/9/05)

2005 pricing (& supplementary information re the archive and new titles 10/7/04)
2004 (quotation spreadsheet)
20032002 | 2001 | 2000

Information re 2003 subscriptions
It will be a similar deal. We will offer the same 90% for electronic only, saving 25% on current web plus print. We will offer the new journals at 10% of your current print expenditure capped at $2160. The archive will be offered at 10% of the print expenditure also.  (Andrew Pitts 31 May 2002)

The license is similar, but we have wording for the archive. I am trying to get special wording agreed for cancellation. I am asking for a CD-Rom to be sent for the years to which a customer was an electronic subscriber. This way if institutions cancel, they will not lose what they have paid for. I hope to have the full license soon.
(Andrew Pitts 25 June 2002)

Offer to CEIRC for ACS Journals for 2002
(Expressions of interest to CAUL  by 16 November)

Here is the 2002 offer. I believe it is the same as last year, but the new journal offer has changed. We have lost the Chemical Innovation title and we have the new title Journal of Proteome Research.

New customers are more than welcome.

The backfile is taking longer to sort out than we thought. I do not have any news about when it will be available and what the costs will be.

Print Plus Electronic Option
For 15% of your University’s print expenditure, we will allow you access to the 24 titles listed below.
Accounts of Chemical Research
Analytical Chemistry
Bioconjugate Chemistry
Biotechnology Progress
Chemical Research in Toxicology
Chemical Reviews
Chemistry of Materials
Energy and Fuels
Environmental Science and Technology
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Inorganic Chemistry
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Journal of Chemical and Engineering DataJournal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Journal of Natural Products
Journal of Organic Chemistry
Journal of Physical Chemistry A&B
Organic Process Research and Development
Electronic Only Option
If you would like to cancel your print copies for 2002 and move to electronic only, you pay 90% of the 2002 print rates for your subscriptions to receive online-only access to all 24 titles listed above. New journals can be added as explained in the paragraph below. An option to purchase print, if required, is available at 25% of 2002 print prices.

New Journal Access:
The ACS is also offering e-only access to six new publications for 2002.

Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry
Organic Letters
Crystal Growth and Design
Nano Letters
Journal of Proteome Research

The total 2002 print and on-line price for these journals is US$8938.95 and the ACS is offering these on-line only for US$2160.00.

Offer to CEIRC for ACS Journals for 2001
(Expressions of interest to CAUL by 23 October 00) [see also Questions & Answers about 2000/1 offer]

The electronic only price will be at 2001 print prices.  (A.Pitts, 18 Sep 00)
.... it will be based on their 2000 expenditure, but it will be at 2001 prices. The people that took up the Organic Letters and JCC could have had that included for 2001 at the reduced price instead of having to pay the full print amount. Here are the 24 journals that everyone in CAUL will receive automatically. (A.Pitts, 6 Oct 00)

I will need to know who would like to go electronic only.

I will also make a new offer for the two new journals for last year, Organic Letters and JCC. We also have more new journals to add to the consortia.

My initial thoughts are that we add the JCC and Organic Letters at electronic only rate of $1000 for both. The print price for these two titles for next year will be $3,339 and 15% for electronic, so this is a big saving to the consortia? I could then offer the other new ones, Crystal Growth and Design, Biomacromolecules, Nano Letters and Chemical Innovation for $1150. Print price for these will be $3,953 plus 15% for electronic, so a big saving here also. Maybe we could also offer all 6 new titles for $2000?  (A.Pitts, 4 Sep 00)

ACS is currently working out which print price to use, as some have told us that their print subs were lower than the list price.  (clarification 25 October 2000)

Questions answered 3 January 2001:
1. Since we have long renewed our subs with our agents [ Swets/Blackwell and EBSCO], and since - at least for many of the titles - our academics seem happy to go e-only can we [at least in 2001] maintain our subs via the agents, even if they are e-only?

A:  You can maintain your subs through the agents.

2. I am not clear what happens about cancellation. If we have to cancel title[s] for 2002, what happens to our participation in the CAUL deal in this and subsequent years? Do we still go on getting access to all titles, or do we lose access to the cancelled title[s] [apart from the archive of the subscribed period]? Or are we then excluded from the CAUL deal altogether?

A:  If you wish to cancel, then you will have to come out of the CAUL deal and receive access to only the titles that you currently subscribe to.

3. Re the backfiles, you say that access will be 'free' to subscribers until Dec 31 '01, but that they will be charged for from Jan '02. Will there be a choice in this? If we can't afford the Vol 1, No 1 backfile, can we just take the Web Editions with the current backfile [1996]? Will this 'entry level' backfile remain as it is?

A:  I hope to have some more news on the back file soon, but as yet we do not have a pricing policy.

Offer to CEIRC for ACS Journals (February 2000) 
[see also Questions & Answers about this offer]

For the current subscription year the pricing for the electronic journals will be 12.5% of current print expenditure. We will hold this pricing for Institutions that sign up before the 10th March 2000.  [Contact: ]

If institutions would like electronic access only to Organic Letters and Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry we will offer this for 30% of the current print subscription price. This amounts to of US$945.

For institutions that would like to migrate to electronic only for 2001, we will charge only the year 2000 print expenditure plus the fee for the two new journals Organic Letters and JCC. This will give electronic access to all 26 journals for 100% of the year 2000 print expenditure.

The electronic journals that form a part of this deal are the 24 listed below;
Accounts of Chemical Research
Analytical Chemistry
Bioconjugate Chemistry
Biotechnology Progress
Chemical Research In Toxicology
Chemical Reviews
Chemistry of Materials
Energy & Fuels
Environmental Science & Technology
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Inorganic Chemistry
Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
Journal of Chemical Information & Computer Science
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Journal of Natural Products
Journal of Organic Chemistry
Journal of Physical Chemistry. Part A and B
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Organic Process Research & Development
Andrew Pitts
International Sales
American Chemical Society

Questions & Answers:
Q1.  Let's forget the new titles for a moment.  If I join this year, I pay a premium on my print subs in order to get e-access?  If I join before 10 March, I pay 12.5% premium?  If I join after 10 March, how much do I pay.
A1.  15 %

Q2.  If I don't want to start till 2001, I thought I could get electronic-only access for 100% of my 2000 print subs, then pay an additional 15% to take print.  Is this wrong?
A2.  This is correct.

 Q3.  Now look at the new titles.  If I join before 10 March, I can pay 30% of the list price for any new titles.  Is this print and electronic or only one format?
A3.  Electronic only.

Q4.  If I join after 10 March, or for 2001, do I pay 100% of the list price for a single format and 115% for both formats?
A4.  Yes if after 10th March 100% for new journals and 115% for both formats.

Usage Statistics

CAUL members' account IDs (7/1/09)
Accessing Usage Reports (Statistics) (5/3/09)
COUNTER Release 3 compliance: What to expect from ACS usage stats (1/3/09)
Web Usage Reports   (COUNTER-compliant from 16/7/04)  If you experience problems logging in, or if you have misplaced or forgotten the username and password you were assigned when you initially subscribed, please visit or contact us at: You may also call us at +1 (202) 872-4357
PLEASE NOTE: In order to access your 2007 webstats, please use the “Toggle Site” pull-down list to switch to your 2007 webstats, simply select the year “2007”. If you want to see webstats from 2006 and prior, please use the toggle site pull-down list to select the year you want to view (2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, etc) then click on the corresponding folder (2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, etc).

Usage statistics Apr-Jun 2002 for ACS Publications, Web Editions (in IP address order, by journal title)

HTML format
Tab-delimited format (open in Excel)
Usage statistics Jan-Mar 2001 for ACS Publications, Web Editions (in IP address order, by journal title)
HTML format
Tab-delimited format (open in Excel)
Usage statistics Oct-Dec 2000 for ACS Publications, Web Editions (in IP address order, by journal title)
HTML format
Tab-delimited format (open in Excel)
Usage statistics Jul-Sep 2000 for ACS Publications, Web Editions (in IP address order, by journal title)
HTML format
Tab-delimited format (open in Excel)
Usage statistics Apr-Jun 2000 for ACS Publications, Web Editions (in IP address order, by journal title)
HTML format
Tab-delimited format (open in Excel)
Usage statistics Jan-Mar 2000 for ACS Publications, Web Editions (in IP address order, by journal title)
HTML format
Tab-delimited format (open in Excel)

ACS Journal Archives

Archive Policy
Journal Archive FAQ
Backfile Creation
ACS Journal Archives
2008 Archive Pricing  (7/11/07)

(supplementary information for CAUL)
"Please note that the favourable 10% fee for the archive is only available if you also subscribe to the ‘new titles’ package."
So, current subscribers to the archive will continue to pay 10%, with price cap.
New subscribers to the archive:
If taking the new journals, then 10%, with price cap.
If not taking the new journals, then:

2006 Pricing:
$1655 if they spend up to $15000.
$3310 if they spend up to $30000.
$4960 if they spend over that

 $1600 if they spend up to $15000.
 $3200 if they spend up to $30000.
 $4800 if they spend over that

Archive Policy updated March 2002
As of December 31, 2002—following  a full-year of development--ACS Publications completed the scanning of more than 2.5 million pages of ACS journals, including all volumes and issues of the Journal of the American Chemical Society back to 1879.

We are currently working diligently to ensure the highest level of quality by checking pages, verifying search capabilities, and validating the overall functionality of this vast amount of chemical research.   Having commenced – and completed – scanning in 2001, we are now taking all measures and utilizing all resources to ensure its utmost quality for release in 2002.   We are committed to ensuring the quality, clarity, and accuracy of this archive.

ACS Journal Archives will provide institutional subscribers:

As we know that our institutional customers are eager to access the ACS Journal Archives, which we previously referred to as the ACS Web Edition Backfile, we will begin a trial access period for current ACS Web Edition subscribers with at least one ACS Web Edition subscription beginning May 1, 2002.  Subscribing institutions may register for this trial access period beginning April 1, 2002.  The trial is scheduled to run through June 30, 2002.  During this trial period, we will continuously post issues to the ACS Journal Archives back to the very first year of publication by ACS Publications.  This trial access period will allow institutional ACS Web Edition subscribers and their users to access posted issues at no charge.

The ACS Journal Archives will encompass the entire catalog of ACS publications; institutional access will be granted in its entirety only and not on an individual journal basis. Commencing July 1, 2002, institutions will begin paying an annual access fee to the Archives.

Institutional ACS Web Edition Subscribers may sign up for a FREE trial of ACS Journal Archives.

Beginning May 1, 2002, and ending June 30, 2002, current ACS Web Edition institutional subscribers can experience ACS Journal Archives by taking advantage of a FREE trial. Registration for the trial begins April 1, 2002. For more information and to recommend your subscribing institution for a free trial, go to, and click on  “ACS Journal Archives.”

Andrew Pitts

Announcement of Archive Policy 2001
ACS Publications has developed an institutional Archive Policy. Upon request, ACS Web Edition customers will be provided access to the online journals to which they have subscribed, for the years subscribed to, should they elect to cancel their subscription. Content will be made available in two ways: 1) the one-time provision of a PDF version of the files at no cost, either in the form of a CD or an FTP transfer, or 2) granting of ongoing access to all current file formats via the ACS servers for a reasonable annual administrative fee.

Andrew Pitts
International Sales
American Chemical Society
Fax: (44)-(0)-1865-371726

Announcement of Backfile Creation
ACS will create a backfile of all of its electronic journals dating back to Volume 1, Issue 1, by January 2002.  Initial plans call for the file to consist of PDF records and searchable bibliographic metadata for all years prior to1996.  Access to the backfile will be made available to ACS Web Edition subscribers as it is created and posted on the web through December 2001 at no charge.  Beginning in January 2002, an annual fee will be charged for backfile access to cover the costs of creating and maintaining such a large record of chemistry. Announcement of Cross-Journal Searching of Full-Text and Access to Abstracts In related developments, ACS Web Edition subscribers with at least one subscription to any ACS Web journal will be able to search the abstracts and full text of every ACS Web journal.  In addition, subscribers to at least one ACS Web journal will be able to view the abstract to any ACS article.  Both represent significant improvements to our service. We hope that you will be pleased with these announcements and our assurance: The ACS has a long-term commitment to the development and preservation of its print and electronic journal content.  We stand behind our chemistry.

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)

CAS Pricing and Product Information for CAUL/CEIRC (1999 to date)

NEWS: 6 May, 2008  CAS are in the process of rolling out SF on the web. At present it is being rolled out in the US and should begin roll out in Australia soon. A tentative schedule can be seen below.
May – July 2008 Academic Non-U.S. Ph.D. with SSM
 June – July 2008 Academic Non-Package Ph.D. with SSM
 August 2008  Academic Non-Package Ph.D. without SSMBS/MS schools with SSM
 September 2008 Academic BS/MS without SSM
 Prior to the rollout an official letter from CAS will be sent to all key contacts explaining how it all works.
In short the institution will need to sign an addendum to their current SFS licence upon which they will be sent a username and password to register the URL on their university system. The concurrent licence model will remain the same meaning licences need to be shared between the client and web version. The configurations for 6 concurrent users as an example are any of the following 1-5, 2-4, 3-3, 4-2, 5-1, 6-0 web to client respectively. Both versions will be supported although future upgrades will be put initially on the web version. At this point in time SF on the web 1.1 has about 85% functionality of the client (some of the time saving buttons are not in this version). Version 2.0 is due out later this year and will have full functionality plus new features.
Each user will need a username and password (sent to their Uni email account) to gain access to the web version. This will then enable users to store answers on their account so when they open up again previous saved searches are available in their history.  The usernames and passwords will be linked to the Uni, enabling the concurrent user model to work.

20 June, 2007  CAS is pleased to announce the release of SciFinder ScholarTM 2007!    Download SciFinder Scholar 2007 at today to begin using the latest version.  Visit to view examples that will show you the latest SciFinder Scholar 2007 features. If you have questions about downloading SciFinder Scholar 2007, please call CAS Customer Care at 800-753-4227, click on your Send Message to CAS button in your current SciFinder Scholar installation, or send e-mail to
NEWS:  13 October, 2005  Revised CAS Information Use Policies have been issued and are available for your review at:
The new policies are effective October 17, 2005.
23 August 2005:  CAS is pleased to announce the release of SciFinder® Scholar 2006 for Microsoft® Windows!
Download SciFinder Scholar 2006 at  today to begin using new, powerful features:
§         Structure Similarity Searching
§         New structure and reaction query tools: Variable Attachment Position tool and Repeating Group tool
§         Easy access to additional reaction information
§         Enhanced multi-step reaction display
§         New quick look-up of research references
§         Duplicate detection/removal…and much more!
Take advantage of this latest version of SciFinder Scholar . Download SciFinder Scholar 2006 for Windows at To access the web site, type in your SciFinder Scholar login id. Please feel free to send your scientists the download site URL for easy access to the SciFinder Scholar 2006 software.
Administrative Notes:
Please note:
A Macintosh OSX version of SciFinder Scholar will be available later this year
CAS will no longer support Microsoft Windows 95 operating system
SciFinder Scholar 2002, 2004 and 2004.1 versions will be retired on March 31, 2006
Visit to view examples that will show you the latest SciFinder Scholar 2006 features. If you have questions about downloading SciFinder Scholar 2006, please call CAS Customer Care at 800-848-6533; click on your Send Message to CAS button in your current SciFinder Scholar installation, or send electronic mail to

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