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ABC CLIO eBooks - including History Reference Online
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eBooks - eBook Title List  - All eBooks (24/7/08)
eBook Collections to 2005 (24/7/08)

Offer to CAUL for 2009 - from ABC-CLIO (2/9/09) - includes titles list for all imprints - ABC-CLIO, Greenwood, Libraries Unlimited, Praeger.
2007 eBooks Proposal to CAUL (26/11/07)
Titles pricing and selection sheet (27/11/07)
eBooks Proposal to CAUL (via DA, 29/8/05)
Collection titles to the end of 2005 (1/9/05)
Press release information on E Books from ABC CLIO (25/7/02)

History Reference Online.
eBooks -- History Reference Online - Complete eBook Title List   (24/7/08)
Site License Agreement (23/7/08)

Pricing for CAUL for 2009 (23/7/08)
Titles List (24/7/08)

ABC-CLIO History Reference Online - offer to CEIRC members (via DA, 14/9/06)
Titles List (14/9/06)

Technical Contact/s (if no technical contact available, the sales contact has been provided): Deborah Harman

Historical Abstracts and America:  History and Life
NEWS (9/1/08):  From Tim Colvey  - I can advise that Historical Abstracts and America: History & Life have been set up via EBSCOhost for all Australian & New Zealand university customers.  We are currently reviewing each customer’s set up to ensure that HA and AHL are appearing on all appropriate EBSCOhost profiles (per customer). ...Additionally, we will send out a communication shortly to advise that HA and AHL are now available on EBSCOhost and to request notification from customers if they cannot “see” these databases via their individual EBSCOhost profiles.

Serials Site License Agreement: America: History and Life, Historical Abstracts (ABC-Clio15/6/04, still valid 22/9/06))
Statistics available (8/9/05)

For 2009 and later offers to CEIRC, see the EBSCO page (28/7/08)
Renewal Offer and Offer to New Subscribers for 2008 - All CEIRC Members (via DA, 23/7/07)
Renewal Offer and Offer to New Subscribers for 2007 - All CEIRC Members (via DA, 14/9/06)
Renewal pricing for 2006 (via DA, 16/8/05)
Renewal pricing for 2005 (19/5/04, updated 15/6/04) Further details via DA Information Services (31/8/04)
Offer to CEIRC for 2003/4 (via DA 25/8/03; revised 3/9/03)
Offer to CEIRC for 2003 (via DA 9/9/02)
Offer to CEIRC (via DA in 2000 and 2001) for Historical Abstracts and America:  History and Life See Price details.
ABC CLIO subscribers can now login for their ABC-Clio usage stats with their email address. I presume that it will be the email address of the dataset coordinator, or the one who is registered when the subscription was set up. (1/9/05)

E Books from ABC-CLIO

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 16:18:22 +0100
From: "Deborah Porter" <>

Please find Press release information on E Books from ABC CLIO:-
Contact: Deborah Porter
01865 311350

ABC-CLIO announces unlimited simultaneous access to hundreds of eBooks

 ABC-CLIO, the independent, award-winning reference publisher, today announced it will extend the availability of its eBooks.  ABC-CLIO will grant users unlimited, simultaneous access to all of its ABC-CLIO eBook titles.

This announcement represents a new concept in eBook usage.  Most publishing companies offer libraries a one-book, one-user model for eBooks.  As with print books, library patrons must check out a book and return it after a certain period of time. ABC-CLIO believes that reference books should be available to patrons at any time, anywhere, no matter how many people are simultaneously in search of the same information.

eBooks are full-text electronic versions of published books that can be searched and read via the Internet. With ABC-CLIO eBooks, users can access resources anywhere, anytime, and perform full-text searches across books or within a specific book to speed research and reference projects. These books can be viewed online from a library, office, home, or remote location using an Internet browser, or can be downloaded to a laptop.

Established in 1955, ABC-CLIO ( is a privately owned corporation. It has for many years enjoyed an international reputation for high quality and innovation. The company's headquarters are in Santa Barbara, California, with offices in Oxford, England and Denver, Colorado. As an educational reference publisher, ABC-CLIO has received critical acclaim for its computer-assisted abstracting and indexing services, world-renowned book program, and cutting-edge online products.

ABC-CLIO publishes more than 80 reference titles a year in subject areas such as world and U.S. history, religion, culture, mythology, and women's studies. Simultaneous access will be available to many titles for example the Dartmouth Honorable Mention award-winner The Encyclopedia of the American Civil War, the award-winning Encyclopedia of Archaeology: History and Discoveries and the Encyclopedia of the Urban Legends.

Features of ABC-CLIO eBooks

Unlimited Simultaneous Access: One single eBook can be made available to every authorized user in an institution or library who wants it, at the same time. *

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