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Technical Contact/s:
Managing your Science Online Account (14/11/06)
AAAS Registration form for new customers (28/7/04)
Access problems: send to or contact highwire by the feedback button on the website. If it is something really really urgent, contact Annie Ching at iGroup as well. (21/10/09)

NEWS (23/4/09): AAAS/Science Launches Science Translational Medicine.  Trials will begin in the fourth quarter of 2009.
(24/7/07):  From 31 December 2007, new JSTOR subscribers to Health & General Sciences collection will not have any access to Science, while current JSTOR subscribers will have access to the archive up to 2002.  No new content will be added to the Science collectiion.
NEWS (15/11/06): In January 2006, AAAS/Science Online announced that the SAGE KE, Science of Aging Knowledge Environment (ISSN 1539-6150) would cease publishing new content on the site. The last issue containing new content was Vol. 2006 (#10) on June 28, 2006.
     We are pleased to announce that all of the back content is now available free of charge to AAAS members and to Science Online site license users who register and select a personal username and password. We ask librarians to encourage their patrons to register individually to access the Science of Aging Knowledge Environment Archive Site. Please remind your patrons that user name and password may not be shared with others.
      Librarians should not register for free SAGE KE access using the same e-mail address or account number that is associated with their Science Online site license. Doing this will cause their institutional access to be stopped.

CAUL Pricing.
CAUL Renewals information/pricing for 2010 (16/10/09)
Letter from AAAS re Consortium Proposal for 2010 (1/5/09)

Letter from AAAS re Consortium Proposal for 2009 (23/9/08)
CAUL renewals information for 2009 (23/9/08)
AAAS CAUL CEIRC Consortium Proposal for 2008 (18/10/07)
Further information on Consortium Proposal for 2008 (via iGroup, 18/10/07)
CAUL renewals information for 2008 - usage-based and FTE-based (18/10/07, updated 17/11/07 including turnaways data for Science Classic)
AAAS - Science Online  Consortium Proposal 2007 (via iGroup, 23/8/06)
CAUL renewals information for 2007 - usage-based and FTE-based (23/8/06)
Letter from AAAS re pricing for 2005/6 (13/7/05)
Pricing for CAUL for 2005/6(via iGroup, 12/7/05) amended to move to calendar year cycle (2/8/05)
Offer to CAUL for 2004/5 via iGroup (26/5/04)

AAAS - New Journal Translational Medicine Online Only (14/7/09)
Introductory pricing for Translational Medicine (14/7/09)
For orders placed before December 18th AAAS are offering  a 50% discount for the 2010 year.
For those that are able to commit to a three year term, 21% discount is offered for year 2 and 17% for year 3.
Trial access will be made available from the first issue in early October.

Science Online
Partial Access: Register Your free registration provides access to Science, STKE, and SAGE KE abstracts and summaries, full text of Science research articles at least one year old and published after September 1996, and other selected material. The Registration process involves completing a simple questionnaire.
Science Online Publications Institutional Site-Wide Subscription Agreement.
Institutional Subscriptions (14/11/06)
Pricing is based on the number of FTEs. Access at sites away from the main campus or facility is available at an additional fee.
    For Academic institutions your FTE count must include all full-time students, faculty, and administrative staff affiliated with the institution. Remote sites are facilities affiliated with a Licensee and are located away from the main campus with an FTE count greater than or equal to 20. Universities with schools of Medicine, Law, and Business, qualify as a remote site and do not require a separate site license.
    For all other types of organizations, your FTE count must include all full-time employees including but not limited to researchers, technicians, and administrative staff associated with the organization. Remote sites are facilities affiliated with a Licensee and are located away from the main campus with an FTE count greater than or equal to 20.
    Usage-based: Renewal customers with "above average" full-text downloading may be migrated to the Usage-based pricing model. Institutes migrating to the Usage-based pricing model due to "above average" downloading during a calendar year are notified by AAAS in advance of their renewal. (10/08)

Science Classic.
2008 offer (same as 2007 offer) closes June 30.  (2/5/08)
2007 offer closes December 15. (18/10/07)
Science Classic - Special offer pricing for the full text back file of Science Magazine (discount not specific to CAUL or any consortium - applicable for individual institutions) (13/4/06) Closing date of inaugural consortium discount extended to 30 September (22/9/06)

Science Express provides electronic publication of selected Science papers in advance of print.  It is basically a preprint service that is used by researchers that really need/want to be ahead of their field.

Science Signaling, formerly STKE (Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment is a specialized product for researchers in the Signal Transduction area.
On January 8, 2008 Science Signaling, formerly Science's STKE, published its first issue in the dynamic field of cell signaling. ....
Science Signaling has been issued a new ISSN number, 1937-9145 and has a traditional citation style. Previously, Science's STKE used ISSN number 1525-8882. For more details visit our Fact Sheet.  For more information about Science Signaling or to request a 90-day FREE TRIAL please contact us at or by calling +1-866-265-4152. For international, please call +1-202-326-6730.
Offer to CAUL for 2008-2009 (via iGroup, 6/8/08)

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