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Updated 3 September, 2009 is a unique electronic journal for nurses that contains a substantial library of articles on all aspects of clinical nursing. is a unique electronic archive of the British Journal of Midwifery, the UKs leading, clinical journal for midwives and the about to be launched African Journal of Midwifery.

MA Healthcare response to CEIRC vendor survey (3/9/09)
Single Academic Institution Licence (13/11/08, updated 18/2/09, still valid 3/9/09 NB: no perpetual access rights)
Online Access Terms and Conditions (7/8/06, updated 18/10/06, still valid 18/8/08)

CAUL Pricing.
MA Healthcare 2010 Offer to CAUL (via Swets, 3/9/09)
Offer for CAUL/CEIRC Consortium 2009 (via Swets, 15/8/08, updated 20/8/08)
Order form (15/8/08)
Offer for CAUL/CEIRC Consortium 2008 (via Swets, 17/9/07, updated 15/5/09)
Offer for CAUL/CEIRC Consortium 2007 (via Swets, 7/8/06)

From January 2007 we will be concentrating all the content from the British Journal of Midwifery on to its own website,, allowing to develop as a nurses-only site. (MA Healthcare, 12/10/06)

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