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Updated 7 October, 2009

NEWS 1/3/09:  New Science Press Limited Announcement
All rights in the Primers in Biology Series published by New Science Press Limited have been acquired by Oxford University Press.
Primers in Biology titles are The Cell Cycle, Immunity and U.
For further information see New Science Press information for CAUL. (7/10/09)

NEWS (26/2/09): Faculty of 1000 and The Scientist are splitting from BioMed Central and now have their own dedicated sales teams.  We will honour the discounts and terms which BioMed Central set out for you.  LICENCES: We will need to get a new licence agreement at the renewal stage and for new subscribers between F1000 and client, but on the same terms they had with BMC. Please be reassured that there is no change aside from the license being between them and F1000 rather than BMC.
RESOURCES: This affects the following resources: Faculty of 1000 Biology (, Faculty of 1000 Medicine  ( and The Scientist print & online  (
CONTACTS:  Your new contact dealing with day to day queries including orders and  renewals is:   Georg Reimer   Tel (dir): +44 (0)20 7079 4883

Current Reports journals, Current Treatment Options journals and images.MD ownership change (18/11/05)
As you may have already heard, Springer Science + Business Media has recently acquired Current Medicine Group (CMG). CMG is the parent company of Current Medicine LLC and Current Science Inc which publish Current Reports journals, Current Treatment Options journals and images.MD. As you are a subscriber to one or more of these products through BioMed Central, we are writing to inform you that BioMed Central's customer service and sales team will continue to service your sales and customer support needs for these products up until January 1st 2006. From this time Current Medicine LLC will manage your account and will provide ongoing sales and customer service support.

Institutional Statistics.
User Guide for New Online Membership Reporting System (1/6/09) BioMed Central has announced the introduction of the Online Reporting System for its open access Prepay and Postpay Membership accounts. The new system provides members with greater account control, allowing for management of published and 'in progress' articles and detailed, customisable statements, which should assist with publication budgeting and reduce the administrative costs associated with managing open access publications.
Trial access form
CAUL agreement re BioMed Central membership 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
CAUL agreement re BioMed Central collections 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
BMC Site License (academic)

Technical Contacts
Technical Support Feedback (13/11/06)
When sending emails regarding any technical issues, please also cc to the CAUL Office

Content / Products.
Request a quote or place an order for BioMed Central online products for institutions (13/11/07)
Institutional Membership - Description (updated 29/9/09) - Description (7/8/06)
Subscription Products - Description 2006 (7/8/06) updated for 2007 (3/9/07)
Genome Medicine (description 29/9/09)

2010 Academic Pricing Structure for CAUL (29/9/09)  NB. of 2008 we offer a 10% discount on this Membership. .... All our discounts are discretionary so no announcement was made in this regard. (16/10/08)

Genome Biology online only
Genome medicine online only
Breast Cancer Research online only
Arthritis Research & Therapy print and online
Critical Care  online only
Current Drugs titles  (per title):
    Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics
    Current Opinion in Investigational Drugs
    Current Opinion in Drug Disccovery & Development
     IDrugs: The Invesigational Drugs Journal
Biology Images Library
2009 Academic Pricing Structure for CAUL (25/9/08)
2008 Academic Pricing Structure for CAUL (29/8/07)
BioMed Central 2007 Academic Pricing Structure for CAUL (3/8/06)
2006 Current pre-pay memberships (3/8/06)
Price quote for BMC collections for 2006 (subscription products) (9/9/05)
CAUL Membership Pricing 2006 (21/9/05)
2005 Price quote received 27/7/04 (amended 18/8/04, pricing now in GBP)

Membership renewal pricing for 2005 (16/9/04)

2004 Offer to CAUL

Price quote received 28/2/04, valid to 31/12/04.
We now offer 20% discount to all members of CAUL for all the products that BioMed Central has to offer and 10% on the membership. 30% discount on collections is still applicable.

2003 Offer to CAUL

Price quote received 19/9/03, updated 25/9/03.
2003 offer from BMC (received 29/4/03), including pricing
(N.B. pricing based on FTE of Medical and Life Science graduate and postgraduate students, researchers and faculty members)

2002 Pricing
Responses of CAUL members to survey on BMC 25/3/03.

From BioMed Central: ..... ensure the widest possible distribution of their peer-reviewed research articles. Article processing charges, levied for publishing in one of BioMed Central's 80 peer-reviewed journals, are waived for researchers from member institutions. The full text of all published research is immediately and freely available through the web to readers worldwide. For each university member we create a special BioMed Central institutional membership page - for an example of this, please see Harvards at:


Membership gives institutions:

1) The right for researchers to automatically qualify for a waiver on article-processing charges. This applies to any of the journals that currently have article-processing charges and which would otherwise charge US$500 per published article.

2) The right to a 15% discount on institutional subscriptions to any of the paid-for products BioMed Central publishes (see for a list of these).

3) The right to list all the relevant research papers generated at the institution on a specially created member's page on the BioMed Central web site, customized with the institution's name and logo. The publications listed will be included in any searches performed on the BioMed Central web site and will be linked to the full text of the articles.


Fees for Academic Institutional Membership in 2002 are based on the total number of graduate, postgraduate students and faculty members in the relevant departments, i.e. biology and medicine.  The fees start at $1500 for up to 500 such researchers, rising to $3000 for up to 1500 researchers, and so on upwards.  Full details are available at

In addition to this, BioMed Central has a number of other well established and successful STM journals and review databases. I particularly wanted to draw your interest to Faculty of 1000 ( which is an online research service that comprehensively highlights and evaluates the most interesting papers published in all the biological sciences, based on a faculty of well over 1400 selected leading researchers. Launched just over a year ago Faculty of 1000 is a highly popular online research tool which a number of the world's leading life science faculty libraries are now subscribing to.

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