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Legacy File.
APS Journal Legacy Content Description and Order Form (12/8/05)

NEWS 8/7/09: The American Physiological Society has a special early summer incentive that lasts through the end of this month (July) that enables subscribers to renew for 2010 at 2009 prices. NB: applies to CAUL subscriptions - if renewed by 31/7/09 (15/7/09)
2010 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup, 15/7/09)
2009 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup 15/8/08)
Quotation spreadsheet for current subscribers (15/8/08)

2008 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup 29/10/07)
2008 subscription rates (29/10/07)
Quotation spreadsheet for current subscribers (29/10/07)
2007 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup 12/7/06)
Quotation spreadsheet for Current CAUL subscribers, Non-CAUL subscribers and Full Package holders (12/7/06)
2006 Offer to CAUL (via iGroup 11/8/05)
Subscriptions list - 2004? (12/8/05)
List Pricing from 2005 (12/8/05)

APS do not require the completion of a license agreement.  Instead please refer to  -
Guidelines for Institutional Subscribers that can be found at

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