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CLAIM FORM for CAUL-authorised expenses

Updated 29 July, 2010
Please complete the details on this form, and send with your receipts either by email or by post.
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I wish to seek reimbursement of my expenses in connection with my attendance at the above meeting. (see note 5) I have included supported receipts of my expenses.

AIR TRAVEL see note 2 $

PER DIEM see note 3 $

OTHER EXPENSES see note 4 $

Cheque to be written in favour of: __________________________________________

and returned to:________________________________________________________


Date: ______________________________


1. Claims should be submitted within four weeks of the meeting being held.

2. It is CAUL's policy to pay for economy class airfares only. Please supply the cost of equivalent economy class airfare if travelling by a higher class. For reimbursement, tax invoices and boarding cards (or copies of) should be submitted with this claim.

3. CAUL pays for overnight accommodation if travel cannot be completed within the day.  It is the practice of CAUL to reimburse real costs, using as a guide a per diem (Australian Taxation Office legislation (TD2007\21))

4. Other travel costs (such as parking, taxi fares) should be claimed under "other expenses" and receipts provided. Use of a private vehicle may be claimed at the standard rate used by the Commonwealth Public Service and the distance and rate indicated. If equivalent air travel costs less than the amount claimed for the use of a private vehicle, the maximum amount payable will be the cost of the best available air fare at the time of the meeting.

5. When travel is extended by adding activities which are not at CAUL's discretion:

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