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Updated 11 March, 2002

See also  International Scholarly Communications Alliance (ISCA)

Following a very successful Workshop held in Canberra on 3 and 4 March 1999, an Advisory Committee was established to "foster widespread ownership of the agenda for change in scholarly communications through the development of a series of promotional and collaborative strategies". It has representatives from university libraries, the Academies, the Australian Vice-Chancellors Committee, the Australian Research Council, the CSIRO and the Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs. The name, Coalition for Innovation in Scholarly Communication, was selected by the Advisory Committee as an appropriate identification of the broad, yet informal, group of stakeholders represented at the workshop.

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Australia's Information Future:  Innovation and knowledge  management for the 21st century. Higher Education      Division, Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs   Evaluations and Investigations Programme  99/5     December 1999.
[Education Minister Kemp Releases Report on Scholarly Information Crisis - Press Release]


Current Activities.

August 16, 2000 Canberra  Australia’s Information Future: Securing the Infrastructure for Research and Innovation. An invitation-only seminar Sponsored by the Australian Research Council, the National Academies Forum and the Coalition for Scholarly Communication (CISC).  Contact:  Colin Steele
Project 1
A series of snapshots of the size and nature of recent economic investment in library and information infrastructure,  by CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians)

Project 2
Mapping infrastructure for national networked information delivery:  a discussion CAVAL Limited

Project 3
A review of studies of users of scholarly information by National Library of Australia

Project 4
Library and Information Infrastructure:  International Strategic Initiatives:  a Discussion Paper, by Colin Steele, University Librarian, Australian National University..

Project 5
The Economics of Scholarly Communication:  a discussion paper. by Professor John Houghton, Centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University.

Submissions to Government.

Meetings with Government.

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