Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

Document Delivery

Prepared as a discussion paper for CAUL/JISC by
Neil McLean, University Librarian, Macquarie University
Judith Greenaway, CILLA Project Manager
Kerry Blinco, JEDDS Project Manager

Updated 21 July, 1997 (This paper is a draft and is subject to revision based on comments received)


The challenge for idocument delivery is in creating an environment where end users will be able to access information resources, identify and locate relevant material, order selected material according to pre-defined rules and have that material delivered directly to them, regardless of the original format, in a seamless, convenient process, with all the management processes, resource sharing negotiations, costs, labour and intellectual property rights issues taken care of behind the scene. The challenge is both a philosophical as well as a technological one, where new service models will need to embrace all formats of material and encourage resource sharing as a primary rather than marginal operation, and where technologically sophisticated solutions will be required to ensure integration and interconnectivity of systems.



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