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NOTE: ADT is harvested by Google, ARO, OAISTER and NDLTD and perhaps other indexing services.  We “expose” the ADT data as an OAI-PMH set for anyone to pick up (instructions are at the bottom of:  Lots of other places could be harvesting ..... (9/12/09)

ADT Meeting Papers

Member Status Report Form - members are requested to complete this form twice a year, prior to CAUL meetings.

ADT Major Documents

ADT Future Paper for CAUL Executive - Kate Watson, CAIRSS Project Manager (16/3/10)
Future Options for the Australasian Digital Theses Program, Workshop at UNSW, Tuesday 20 March 2007.
ADT Membership Survey 2006 - Analysis and Raw data (14/6/07)
Technical Committee Work list 2006-2007  (Updated: 28/8/06)
RUBRIC ADT Migration Scripts - report by Caroline Drury, Senior Technical Officer, RUBRIC (15/3/07)

ADT Business Plan 2006-2009 (Draft v.1 - 21/3/05, Final  - 20/9/05, Update - 20/10/06, Financials updated 14/8/07, revised for CAUL 3/9/07)
ADT Business Plan (rev. Sept 2002) (includes Service Level Agreement)
ADT Program Copyright and Metadata Policies (Draft September 2002)

Database of Australian Higher Degree Theses - Report of a meeting held 3 July, 2002
Finding Higher Degree Theses [Working paper] - Heather Todd (and Diane Costello), May 2002.

ARIIC Project.
Australian Digital Theses Program:   Expansion & Redevelopment – 2004
Partnership Activities with ProQuest Information and Learning:  Trial of the Digital Commons Deposit and Repository software:  report by Tony Cargnelutti & Mary Anne Kennan.  23 November, 2005.

NDLTD Bylaws
NDLTD Articles of Incorporation

Committee Membership 2002-6:

ADT Policy Reference Group
CAUL Representatives:  Janice Rickards (July, 2002 - September 2007, and Chair from November, 2005)
                                            and Imogen Garner (November, 2005 - 2007)
CONZUL Representative:  Larraine Shepherd (October, 2005 -  )
CAPA Representative:  Nigel Palmer, President, 2007
DDOGS Representative:  Professor Masud Behnia (Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Sydney) 2004-
New Zealand Academic Representative:  Vacant 2007

ADT Program Manager:  Tom Ruthven (UNSW) 2006-    ; Howard Amos (UNSW), 2006;  Tony Cargnelutti (UNSW) to 2006.
CAUL Executive Officer: Diane Costello
Andrew Wells (UNSW - home of the ADT central infrastructure & the ADT Program Manager)

ADT Technical Committee Members 2006-2007:
Peter Green, Curtin University of Technology, Chair from 2006
Howard Amos, UNSW (ADT Program Manager, from 2006)
Laszlo Gercsov, ADT Technical Support, UNSW
Shahid Gul, University of South Australia
Vicki Roberts, Central Queensland University
Michael Wood, Deakin University
Deidre Lowe, University of Southern Queensland [to 19/2/08]
Teula Morgan, Swinburne University of Technology
Peter Kennedy, University of Canterbury, NZ
Tony Boston, National Library of Australia
Diane Costello, CAUL

Previous members of the committee:
CAUL Representatives:  Alex Byrne (chair) (July, 2002 - October, 2005)
CAPA Representative: Ateev Dang 2006; Benjamin McKay 2003-4, Leila Barreto 2002
DDOGS Representative: Professor Mark Tennant (Dean, University Graduate School, UTS) 2002-3
NLA Representative:  Roxanne Missingham (Assistant Director-General) 2004-5, replacing Pamela Gatenby 2002-3
NZ Academic Representative:  Assoc Prof Corinne A. Locke, Associate Dean (Postgraduate), Faculty of Science, University of Auckland (2006)
Julie Stevens (Regional Manager, Australia & New Zealand, ProQuest) 2002-6
ADT Technical Committee 2002-5
Tony Cargnelutti, UNSW, ADT Program Manager (chair)
Mark Huppert (ANU)
Janet Fletcher (Macquarie, Manager, Reference & Research Advisory Services)
Peter Green (Curtin)
Michael Wood (Deakin)
James Brunskill, University of Waikato, NZ (2006 to June, 2007)
Fred Piper (UNSW)

*The ADT became officially the Australasian Digital Theses Program in September, 2005, when CAUL adopted the revised business plan which includes the New Zealand Universities as full members.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations Bibliography Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Version 2: 5/12/2008 (13/5/08)
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